Why Strength Training Is So Important for Burning Fat Over 40 w/ Kristin Rowell, FNTP, JD

by Mike Mutzel


Kristin Rowell, FNTP, JD discusses mindset tips and resistance training strategies to support metabolic health and longevity at any age.




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02:30 Kristin was a successful attorney. When she began meditating, she began to nurture her soul, rather than her ego. She evolved out of the practice of law.

03:30 She fell and broke leg in 10 places, resulting in 20 pieces of metal being placed in her leg. Kristen was in great physical condition prior to the fall and questioned whether she had osteoporosis or a nutrient deficiency. Her healing journey from this injury brought her interest in nutrition.

05:23 An injury can be a gift, because it causes you to pause and dig deeper.

10:24 Meditation included guided interactive meditation, moving energy through her body, with a coach and using the Calm app on her phone.  You can blend modalities, like breathwork with meditation.

11:25 Chi breathing is 1 second in, 1 second out, 1 second in through the mouth only. Breathwork helps Kristin to release emotion. It is meditative.

13:45 Money is energy. Kristin hired a meditation coach, a business coach and an energy coach. Financial commitment brings more value and is a better energy exchange.

14:50 Kristin helps people improve their metabolic health, gain lean muscle, and lose body fat.  A coach, trainer or mentor provides accountability.  Kristin does not aspire to retire.

19:15 Many of us are self-limiting about money. Trust the universe. There is room for everyone on the planet to be abundant.

21:45 As long as your investment in yourself aligns with your soul purpose, you will be rewarded. The universe will take care of you.

24:35 Being fit and healthy is part of your job. Kristin’s female clients tend to put everyone and everything ahead of themselves. No is a complete sentence.

25:42 When you are metabolically healthy, you are happier, in a better mood, have more energy so you show up for everyone in your life better, you are a better boss, you serve your client’s better, and you are a better spouse and parent.

27:00 Talk to your doctor about your medications and the side effects.

30:20 When you show up as your authentic self, it gives everyone around you permission to do the same.

31:30 Pause at mealtime and focus on creating a healthy digestive system so you can assimilate nutrients.

33:00 Inadequate protein consumption is common among Kristin’s new clients. Protein takes some food prep and corporate food does not promote protein.

34:15 Reducing carbohydrate consumption, replacing them with protein and healthy fats, benefits cognition, improves blood sugar regulation, and reduces inflammation.

35:33 When eating out, prioritize protein, fill in with fat and carefully add carbs. Eat fiber first to help your digestion.  You are more likely to order more food and dessert if you start your meal with bread.

39:50 Food marketing programs your brain to think that what you are doing is healthy.

42:00 The further a food gets away from its natural state the worse it is going to be for you, generally. Treat dried fruit like you would candy.

43:38 Kirstin does periodic 72-hour fasts to reset her digestion and regulates her blood sugar. We were designed to eat when the sun is out and not eat when it is dark.

45:25 We store glycogen in our liver and our skeletal muscle. When those are full, it is stored as bodyfat.

45:40 Fasting reminds your body to get glucagon, the hormone that opposes insulin, to come out of the pancreas to break up triglycerides in your fat cells.

46:40 High triglycerides in women are indicative of cardiovascular disease issues, more so than LDL. You can manipulate a cholesterol test over the course of 48 hours. LDL is like floating fluff and vLDL is very dense, like hail.

50:30 Statins are correlated to dementia and increases in hemoglobin A1C.

51:30 Women weightlifting is becoming more accepted. Women still think that lifting weights will make them bulky. Treadmill and elliptical are supplemental to a resistance training workout.

52:10 Your resting metabolic rate is the most important component of your metabolism. It makes up 60 to 70% of your metabolism. It is a direct result of how much lean muscle tissue you have.

52:30 Creating lean muscle tissue creates great cardiovascular and cognitive benefit. Lifting and lowering weights is resistance/strength training. You get almost twice the benefit from the lowering.

53:26 A heavy full body strength training session to the point of fatigue/failure should not be repeated until 72 hours have passed.

54:05 You build lean muscle tissue when you are in quality deep sleep.

56:30 We are stronger lowering than lifting. A personal trainer or friend can help with the lowering (eccentric) part when approaching failure in the movement. Consistency and Quality over quantity is key.


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