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Circadian rhythms

Skipping Breakfast & Weight Gain: The Surprising Link Exposed

The relationship between breakfast, sleep, and weight is complex. While skipping breakfast has been traditionally linked with weight gain, new evidence emphasizes the critical role of adequate sleep in maintaining…

Insulin Resistance Fuels Artery-Clogging Plaque
Cardiovascular disease

Insulin Resistance Fuels Artery-Clogging Plaque, Early Atherosclerosis

A new study finds insulin resistance and reduced glucose uptake in the heart is linked with early-onset atherosclerosis and heart issues. Sponsored:   Support your Workout Sessions and Healthy Hydration…

Avoid Plastic: It Clogs Your Arteries New Study Finds

Plastic Found Inside More Than 50% of Arterial Plaque

Plastic has become an omnipresent material, infiltrating every aspect of our lives. A groundbreaking new study has uncovered a disturbing consequence of this pervasive presence: microplastics are now being discovered…


Walk 8,000 Steps Each Day for Fat Loss: Fascinating New Study

New studies show sedentary individuals don’t experience significant increases in fat oxidation with acute exercise, but those who maintain higher step counts exhibit notable health improvements, including reduced triglycerides and…


Statins & LDL Cholesterol: This Research Will Blow Your Mind!

Prepare to have your understanding of LDL cholesterol completely revolutionized. Groundbreaking research has unveiled startling insights into the role of LDL cholesterol in cardiovascular health, challenging conventional wisdom and opening…

Cardiovascular disease

Study Challenges Conventional Wisdom: Higher LDL-Cholesterol Tied to Reduced Risk of Death

A 22-year follow-up study involving 177,000 individuals reveals that low LDL cholesterol is associated with higher cardiovascular-specific mortality. The authors of this study write, “…the lowest risk for long-term mortality…

Losing Fat and Building Muscle Over 40 (12)

Losing Fat & Building Muscle Over 40 w/ Fitness Model Holly Hines

Holly Hines, a renowned fitness model, defies age stereotypes by showcasing her journey of losing fat and building muscle after turning 40.     Sponsored: Support your Workout Sessions and…

Arthritis, Joint Pain from SUGAR & Junk Food: Harvard Doctor Tells All

Arthritis and Joint Pain Are Food Borne Illnesses, Arthritis & Amy West, MD

Dr. Amy West, a Sports Medicine Physiatrist, is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in understanding the root causes of joint pain, tendon issues, and other musculoskeletal problems. In…

Women's Hormonal Balance for Anxiety, Sleep & Fat Loss | Dr. Elana Zinkov

Women’s Hormonal Balance for Anxiety, Sleep & Fat Loss | Dr. Elana Zinkov

Hormones play a pivotal role in every aspect of a woman’s life, from mood to fertility and beyond, understanding how to optimize their function is paramount. Dr. Elena Zinkov shares…

Metabolic Health

Fructose, High-Carb Diets Make Fat Loss Impossible: New Research

New evidence suggests fructose and sugar are major drivers of obesity and metabolic disease. Support your Intermittent Fasting lifestyle with the Berberine Fasting Accelerator by MYOXCIENCE Save with code Podcast…

Heart Surgeon: Spike in Heart Deaths from Eating THIS Way w/ Dr. Philip Ovadia
Cardiovascular disease

Heart Surgeon: Why the Spike in Heart Deaths and Tips to Reverse Arterial Plaque

Heart Surgeon and best selling author Dr. Phil Ovadia discusses the foods and lifestyle factors driving a new wave of early-onset heart disease. Sponsored: Support your Intermittent Fasting lifestyle with…

The Truth About Seed Oils: Industrial Waste Product Now In Your Food
Seed Oil

The History of Cottonseed Oil: A Waste Product Converted Into Food

Cottonseed oil, once considered a waste product in the cotton industry, was transformed into ‘food’ in the early 1900s by refining and hydrogenation. The acceptance of cottonseed oil as a…