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Hormone and Testosterone imbalances with Sam Madiera

Hormonal Imbalances In Women and Men are Common, But Not Normal

      Show Notes   04:08 Men as young as in their 20s come to Dr. Madeira for low testosterone interventions. 04:23 Andropause can happen at any age. 05:21…

Matt Kaeberlein Slowing Aging Boosts Immune System, Longevity Researcher

Slowing Aging Boosts Immune System, Longevity Researcher Tells All

        Matt Kaeberlein, PhD discusses how improving the mechanisms of aging enhance not only support longevity, but also boost immune system health. Connect with Matt:…

Fred Grover-anxiety-and-depression

Breathwork, Microdosing, Grounding and Other Novel Mental Health Boosting Strategies /w Fred Grover, MD

Spiritual Genomics: A physician’s deep dive beyond modern medicine, discovering unique keys to optimizing DNA health, longevity, and happiness! How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics…

Senolytic Therapy cellular senescence Jeff Grim

Purging Your Body’s Cache: senescence and senolytic therapies explained

➢ This episode is sponsored by Redmond Real Salt! Salt hand-harvested and microplastic free. Get the best salt in the world: Connect with Jeff: Battery Patch MyDNAge …

Coronavirus science features of infected patients those who don’t well

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Who’s At Increased Risk, ACE2 Gene Status, Gender and Cardiometabolic Disease Comorbidities

Coronavirus: who’s at increased risk & features of survivors VS non-survivors In this three part video series, we that dive deeper into some of these details: -What is the ACE2…

Why High Protein Diets Help You Lose Fat w/ Dr. Ted Naiman

Why High Protein Diets Help You Lose Fat w/ Dr. Ted Naiman

About Ted Naiman, MD Ted Naiman is a board-certified Family Medicine physician in the department of Primary Care at a leading major medical center in Seattle. His research and medical…