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Vitamin D & Glutathione: new relationships you should know

Glutathione deficiency is Related to Vitamin D Status and Infection Severity

Glutathione deficiency is a common feature that complicates infections. We review new research linking suboptimal glutathione levels with increased disease severity and discuss how glutathione is related to vitamin D…


Circadian Rhythms and Aging: When You Eat, Sleep & Fast Helps you Look Younger New Science Suggests

New science highlights the interconnections with circadian rhythms and the biology of aging, suggesting we should focus on the boring stuff like consistency with sleep/wake cycles and meal times for…


Top 2020 Conspiracy Theories That Actually Turned Out to be True

Sit back and grab some popcorn 🍿 while while we review all the things we said two years ago that were claimed to be false that actually turned out to…

Cold & Flu Survival Kit: Zinc, Iodine, Red-Light to Regain Smell and Taste

At Home Cold & Flu Survival Kit: Zinc, Iodine, Red-Light to Regain Smell and Taste

The cold seems to be circulating this time of year, here’s a few highly underrated tools to consider for you and your family.       Listen to the audio…

El Salvador's President Promotes Nutrition, Exercise & Sleep to Reduce COVID Hospitalizations, Deaths
Metabolic Health

Politicians Finally Waking Up: El Salvador’s President Promotes Nutrition, Exercise & Sleep to Reduce COVID Hospitalizations, Deaths

El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele launched a campaign to help citizens address the root cause behind increased vulnerability to severe disease and hospitalizations: obesity, diabetes and more. Lets unpack this…

CNN Actually Recognizes Fat Loss Can Reduce Chances of Hospitalization
Fat Loss

CNN Finally Acknowledges Weight Loss Is a Tool to Lessen Covid Severity

Two years into the pandemic and CNN is finally promoting weight loss as a tool that can reduce disease severity and death as it relates to the pandemic. (It’s better…

Vitamin D

Vitamin D Sleep Quality and Brain Health: New Science and Connections You Should Know

A large body of research suggests vitamin D impacts sleep quality and sleep duration as well as neurotransmitter levels in the brain. Here’s an overview of the science–which is timely…

Family Gets Antibodies Tested After COVID

Family Gets Antibodies and T Cell Immunity Tested After COVID, Results Are In

After Dad got COVID, this family decided to get thier antibodies and T cell immunity tested, the results are interesting and timely with all the buzz about boosters.    …

Former Cardio Junkie Now Fitter & Healthier Weight Lifting (Eating More, Exercising Less)

Former Vegan, Cardio Junkie Now More Fit & Healthy Just Weight Lifting (Eating More, Exercising Less)

Dr. Elly Michelle works with a lot of women who’ve experienced hormone issues and mental cycle changes from overexercise and under-eating. She discusses how scaling back on the cardio, prioritizing…

Nutrition Misinformation is Making Frontline Workers Overweight, Less Healthy

Nutrition Misinformation is Making Frontline Healthcare Workers Overweight, Less Healthy

Healthcare workers (HCWs) should be more knowledgeable than the general population about health choices and serve as role models for patients, but it turns out they often do not “practice…

Pandemic Policies have Caused Obesity Rates to Surge Across the USA
Obesity Epidemic

Pandemic Policies Have Caused Obesity Rates to Surge Across the USA

Pandemic policies have caused Overweight and Obesity rates to surge in Children and Adults across the USA, new CDC report find.     Sponsored Message: Support your Vitamin D levels…

The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated or the Epidemic of Obesity

Obesity & COVID are Interconnected: a Call to Action to Address this Big Epidemic

As the world continues to create new mandates and health orders but curiously ignores rampant obesity and metabolic health issues, scientists carry on with publishing new research about the protection…