Losing Fat & Building Muscle Over 40 w/ Fitness Model Holly Hines

by Mike Mutzel


Holly Hines, a renowned fitness model, defies age stereotypes by showcasing her journey of losing fat and building muscle after turning 40.




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09:00 A varied whole food approach to fitness contest dieting is gaining traction.

12:20 Weight loss is best addressed with quality nutrition and appropriate digestion. Prioritize quality protein.  You need to fuel your workout. Sleep, rest, proper hydration, and recovery are also needed.

16:30 Holly consumes 1.25 grams per pound of protein in the building phase. General protein recommendations were 1 gram of protein for 1 pound of ideal body weight.  In the cutting phase of caloric restriction, protein becomes even more important.

19:00 Holly has increased her fiber intake (with minimal lectins). It has changed her digestion. Basil seeds have twice the fiber, iron, and potassium as chia seeds and no lectins.

26:30 Holly’s carb consumption is dependent upon the exercise she is doing. In prep phase, Holly eats Japanese sweet potatoes and has no digestive issues with it. She eats plantains.

30:00 Holly’s breakfast is always protein and fat, eating no carbs at breakfast.

31:00 Holly trains in the afternoon after eating. She does a 14 to 18 hour fast daily.

34:15 Holly trains lower body 3 times per week. She trains heavy with longer rests for 2 hours on Saturdays. Time under tension, tempo work, and progressive overload are her focus.


37:44 Walking lunges and Bulgarian split squats work well for those with long femurs. You don’t need to be a barbell back squatter. Embrace your anatomy.

39:14 Pendulum squat is called the great equalizer. It builds your quads and does not affect the lumbar spine.

42:34 Reps are all contextual to your goals. Your last few reps should be a struggle.

43:34 Many women hold back to avoid over-developing the upper body.

45:24 In a caloric deficit, you can’t gain much muscle. You can’t build something from nothing. You need to eat and gain weight, muscle, and body fat.

53:09 A regular menstrual cycle is a vital sign. Work with a qualified practitioner to help you optimize your hormones.

53:34 Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helped Holly balance her hormones, thus improve her energy levels, sleep, libido, and ability to train hard consistently.

56:44 Women need testosterone and men need estrogen. DHEA has an anti-cortisol effect and is a precursor to testosterone and estrogen. 10 mg for decade of life dosage for men.  75% less for women.

01:06:29 Holly eats 3 to 4 times a day, prioritizing protein and fat and compressing it into a 6 to 8 hour eating window.

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