Peptides for Growth Hormone + Hormonal Balance w/ Dr. Elan Zinkov

by Mike Mutzel


Dr. Zinkov discusses ways to use peptides therapeutically to improve tissue rejuvenation and repair, promote longevity, enhance muscle growth, and boost mood, vitality, and libido. She discusses the benefits and risks, sourcing, dosages, cycling, administration routes, and how they work in combination w/ hormone optimization.



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Show Notes:

02:45 Peptides stimulate your endogenous production of growth hormone.

03:10 Sermorelin does not increase growth hormone beyond super physiologic levels.

04:35 Peptides can improve hormone health, longevity, reverse aging-related processes of inflammation and injury recovery.

08:45 Growth hormone improves cell function.

11:05 Sermorelin stimulates growth hormone secretion for about 12 minutes.

12:30 Growth hormone peaks are nighttime and post-workout.

14:30 Symptoms of suboptimal growth hormone.

15:45 IGF-1 is a biproduct of growth hormone breakdown.

18:30 Additional strategies.

22:05 Poor diet and lifestyle choices reduce growth hormone.

25:10 Women in their teens and 20s may have suboptimal production of hormones.

30:30 Progesterone receptors can be stimulated with herbal treatments.

31:30 Xenoestrogens cause more disruptive receptor stimulation.

33:15 Obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for breast cancer.

34:30 Growth hormone stimulates collagen production.

37:15 Low dose Rapamycin slows the aging process.

40:30 Methylene Blue has been used as a nootropic.

43:55 Nicotine directly and quickly stimulates the vagal nerve.

53:00 Growth hormone does not cause cancer.



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