Fat Loss

Strength Training, Creatine & Calorie Cycling for Maximizing Fat Loss w/ Joshua Kreifels, MS, RD

by Mike Mutzel


Joshua Kreifels, MS, RD, CISSN, shares strategies to lose fat and keep it off with whole foods and resistance training.





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02:05 Most people sub 10% body fat may look healthy, but they are miserable in terms of energy levels, sleep, mental clarity.

03:15 You can get just as lean with a flexible approach to dieting.

07:10 SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are relatively new with no long-term studies. Even a short round of them can rapidly cause alterations in blood biomarkers showing a thickening of the blood.

08:40 Supplemental testosterone is not just about libido and muscle mass. Energy, vitality, retaining of muscle mass, mental clarity and drive require testosterone.

08:50 Josh’s client hormone testing utilizes both DUTCH and serum testing, with organic acids testing for metabolites. Hormones change from day to day and throughout the day.

10:10 Josh had a disordered eating pattern from bodybuilding. He has a passion now for helping people optimize their health and wellness. We are on the earth to thrive.

12:20 Gene expression is influenced by your lifestyle, your diet, how you think, how you move, and how you manage stress and trauma. The gap between metabolic age and biological age is widening.

13:30 Diabetics on dialysis have compromised health and an addiction to sugar and unhealthy food. Sugar and unhealthy food direct correlation with how much you have to dialyze and your life expectancy.

14:00 Nutrition is the foundation for everything that we do. Nutrition plays a role in acute and chronic disease.

17:30 Sugar creates inflammation, damaging endothelial lining of the vessels. Your body cannot excrete large amounts of sugar. End stage kidney disease causes calcifications in the fingers as calcium and parathyroid hormone get out of balance.

20:20 You have the ability to change the trajectory of the next 40, 50 or 60 years of your life and generations to come by reducing unhealthy habits. Nutrition and metabolic health are an investment.

20:57 Creatine is a natural substance that we consume in meat. Supplements are a higher concentration. There is a difference between creatine and creatinine. Creatine helps you build strength and energy. Your brain needs creatine. Early supplements were high in dextrose. Creatine increases the water holding capacity of your muscles.  Women do not store as much creatine as men. Josh recommends 5 grams per day for men and 3 grams per day for women.

27:10 Carnitine helps with fat transport, but supplemental carnitine is for top athletes, not the rest of us.

27:40 Women who increase protein intake often experience body composition improvements.

28:55 Caffeine can help with performance by increasing heartrate. Josh does not recommend thermogenics as pre-workout, especially for workouts later in the day. Having coffee later in the morning allows for sensitization of adenosine receptors.  It is common for coffee to have mold.

34:00 Beta alanine helps increase performance and the intensity of training. Arginine increases blood flow.

37:35 Most new clients undereat. Josh starts increasing protein with new clients, usually a gram to a gram and a quarter per pound of lean or ideal bodyweight.

40:20 Reverse the suppression of your metabolic rate with reverse dieting: going through a deficit phase, then a rebuild phase that surpasses the original intake.

40:40 Carbs are just an energy source. Carbs before a workout can produce better performance.

46:20 Orthorexia, the obsession with being healthy, can be socially isolating. Josh follows an intuitive eating approach.

55:20 Chemicals are prevalent in our day to day lives. The root of SIBO or SIFO may start in the mouth with oral hygiene. You swallow between 500 and 700 times a day.

56:05 Detox is supporting your body’s detoxification organs. Remove endocrine disrupting chemicals. Help your body naturally detoxify chemicals. Use sauna and cold plunge.

56:55 Total toxic burden test measures heavy metals, mold toxins and environmental toxins in your body. Toxin exposure influences the energy balance equation by altering metabolic pathways. The accumulation of fat helps to dilute toxins. Excess fat becomes a place to store toxins.

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