Dr. Peter Attia’s Rule: Forget Expensive NAD Supplements & Nutrition Controversy–Focus on THIS 💪🏽

by Mike Mutzel

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Dr. Peter Attia suggests we forget expensive NAD supplements and nutrition fads and focus instead on exercise as the primary tool to support longevity.




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Episode Time Stamps:

01:39 Exercise has a huge impact upon disease and death from all causes and overall, all-cause mortality.

02:34 Attia’s Rule: Don’t quibble about nutrition or supplementation until you dial in your exercise/strength.

05:05 Exercise is a drug. Muscle is an organ that releases hormones.

06:20 Exercise impacts many psychiatric and neurologic diseases: schizophrenia, stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as dementia, Parkinson’s and MS.

08:45 Stimulated muscle releases peptides, and hormone-like mediators called exerkines or myokines.

10:05 Resistance training causes muscle to release an extra-cellular vesical that tells fat cells to release stored energy to be burned as fuel during exercise.

12:40 Ageing individuals with low muscle mass have a 200% increase in all-cause mortality compared to those with high muscle mass.

13:00 Low strength is a 250% greater risk of all-cause mortality, over high strength.

14:00 Prioritize strength. Get stronger.

15:10 Strength reduces rapidly with ageing, even faster than age-related muscle loss.



  1. I’d like to see a centralized list of what all exercises are included, or should be included in Attia’s Rule. That is to say the specific movements and associated sets, reps and/or times are involved.

    The one’s listed by Dr. Huberman and Dr. Attia in the podcast were:
    – Deadlifting one’s body weight for 10 reps
    – VO2 max in the 75th percentile
    – Dead hang from a bar for 1 minute
    – Squat at 90deg. for 2 minutes
    – Farmer’s carry your body weight for 2 minutes

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