Cancer Rates Soar Among Young Adults: Science Explains the Alarming Rise

by Mike Mutzel


Younger generations are facing higher cancer risk due to accelerated biologic aging, new study finds.


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Research Mentioned:

Zhao, J. et al. Global trends in incidence, death, burden and risk factors of early-onset cancer from 1990 to 2019. BMJ Oncol. 2, e000049 (2023).
Ribelles, N. et al. Increasing Annual Cancer Incidence in Patients Age 20-49 Years: A Real-Data Study. JCO Glob. Oncol. 10, e2300363 (2024).

Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

0:07 The rise in cancer

1:13 Cancer and Biologic aging

1:47 High profile cancer case in young people

2:12 Biomarkers that predict cancer

2:49 Berberine for food cravings

3:49 New Study

5:02 Low Albumin

6:00 Creatinine

7:04 Glucose

8:16 MCV and MCH

8:50 Inflammation and high WBC

11:11 Preventing cancer

12:30 Metabolic Health

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