Detox w/ Dandelion Greens & Leek w/ Dena Mendes

by Mike Mutzel


About Deana Mendes

Dena received her degree in Public Health and Broadcast Journalism from Arizona State University, she is licensed and certified as a health coach, holistic yoga instructor, holistic chef, and pranic healer. Also a cancer survivor, Dena has integrated and woven together the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of holistic health into a life force that has served her well—and today offers wellness programs that are designed to fit individual or corporate needs.

Learn More About Deana's Book

A Survivor's Guide To Kicking Cancer's Ass

Learn More About Deana's Book

Recipe Notes

:30 Spring is Liver Season. Your body naturally detoxes. It shows as breakouts, rashes, and eye twitching. Liver is a detox organ and in Chinese medicine, it rules the skin and eyes. We begin to crave fresh vegetables in the spring.

1:52 Know Thyself. If you are a big person who runs hot, cold raw foods early in the spring work. If you are small and run cold, keep eating cooked foods until it gets hot outside.

2:36 Kicking Cancer’s Ass. Dena’s book is about her 20 year story of defeating cancer. Her encapsulated tumor was accidently opened during removal. Cancer spread throughout her body. She saw a correlation between her emotions and the parts of her body that would then have tumors.

5:05 Food and Emotion. Deena teaches her clients about food and emotion. One of the methods she uses is an ancient technique similar to Tai Chi or Chi Gong, called Beating, hitting the organ and meridians responsible, along with breath work. It is different from EFT Tapping.

6:35 Adipose Fat. This fat holds toxins and chemicals. Deena hits these areas and her clients often start to itch as the toxins are being released.

10:53 The Kitchen. Deena cuts the stems off the dandelion greens and gives the leaves a loose chop. She places them in water in a pot, then to high heat until the leaves are limp and bright green. It removes some of the bitterness. Remove and strain the greens. Deena drinks the remaining liquid as a tea. Add good quality extra virgin olive oil from a dark bottle to the pot, on high heat. Quarter the leeks and chop small before placing them in hot oil in the pot. Sauté the leek and add sea salt, Seasonello Bologna aromatic herbal salt and Herbamare organic seasoning salt. Add dandelion greens to the leeks in the pot. Then add chopped chard or other dark leafy green, with or without the stems. Cook this a little below medium with a little extra olive oil. When the leaves are cooked, serve on top of gluten free pasta with a little fresh basil and fresh squeezed lemon.

14:28 Your Tastebuds are Jaded. Package, processed, unhealthy foods fool your body. Once you have been away from them for a few days, you start to crave the things that your body actually needs.

24:35 Fresh Herbs. Adding fresh herbs to leftovers to bring back some live enzymes.


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