Fat Loss

Higher Protein Diets Are Essential for Weight Loss: Science You Should Know

by Mike Mutzel


New research finds a high-protein diet may be your best ally for fat loss and weight maintenance. Here's a scoping review.


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 Research Cited

Boirie, Y., Pinel, A. & Guillet, C. Protein and amino acids in obesity: friends or foes? Curr. Opin. Clin. Nutr. Metab. Care 26, 508–513 (2023).

Show Notes:

00:00 Osteosarcopenic obesity = As you gain body fat, you tend to consume skeletal muscleand bone.

01:00 Chronic disease increases protein needs.

01:20 High protein diets help people lose weight and preserve lean body mass.

02:50 Obese and overweight people need more protein.

03:50 An inflammatory state predisposes you to catabolizing muscle and bone.

04:40 Protein is more satiating.

06:10 Protein leverage hypothesis.

07:20 Increase resistance and HIIT training, and eat more protein.

08:15 Protein protects muscle and improves signaling of gut hormones.

09:40 High protein diets paired with exercise help with weight loss and body composition.

10:10 As we age, we lose muscle and bone, and we gain fat.

10:50 Protein reduces risk of weight regain after weight loss.

12:15 We are consuming less animal protein.


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