Circadian rhythms

Skipping Breakfast & Weight Gain: The Surprising Link Exposed

by Mike Mutzel


The relationship between breakfast, sleep, and weight is complex. While skipping breakfast has been traditionally linked with weight gain, new evidence emphasizes the critical role of adequate sleep in maintaining a healthy weight. By focusing on good sleep hygiene and balanced nutrition, individuals can better manage their weight and overall health.




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Research Mentioned:

Yang, W. et al. Short sleep time may be the main reason for irregular breakfast to cause overweight—a cross-sectional study. Front. Nutr. 11, 1310155 (2024).

Time Stamps:

00:00 Irregular breakfast eaters have increased body mass indexes.

01:00 Food influences your circadian clock system like light does.

02:00 Change of energy balance is one cause of overweight.

02:15 Irregular meal timing perturbs your circadian rhythm.

04:10 Time eating and exercise consistently.

05:45 Regular breakfast eating habits (eating or not eating) are linked to lower body mass index.

06:45 Exercise outdoors.

07:20 Regular exercise impacts sleep.

08:30 Irregular sleep duration and timing influences irregular feeding timing.

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