Fat Loss

Cardio Primes Leg Muscles, Enhancing Benefits to Resistance Training

by Mike Mutzel


A new study finds cardio enhances muscle growth from resistance training, in the legs at least, by increasing capillary density in the muscle. Let's dive into the details…





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Studies Mentioned:


Thomas, A. C. Q. et al. Short‐term aerobic conditioning prior to resistance training augments muscle hypertrophy and satellite cell content in healthy young men and women. Faseb J 36, e22500 (2022).


Time Stamps:


0:05 Cardio helps with muscle hypertrophy by from resistance training by increasing capillary density in the mucle

0:44 Cardio (aerobic conditioning) didn’t interfere with hypertrophy from resistance training, it actually enhanced it

1:15 Capillary density increases from cardio help with muscular hypertrophy from resistance training

2:47 Most import quote to hear from the study

3:30 How to conceptualize pairing cardio with resistance training during your workout sessions

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