Cardiovascular disease

Top Causes of Death in 2020: Heart Disease and Cancer More Deadly Than COVID-19

by Mike Mutzel




In 2020, diseases of the heart claimed 690,000 lives and heart-related comorbidities (e.g. high blood pressure) are the top risk factors for severe COVID-19. Where’s the outrage for junk food made artificially cheap thanks to government subsidies of commodity crops via The Farm Bill? Where’s the outrage about the heart-disease causing and obesity-creating fish sticks, donuts, and hot pockets being offered to children in our public school system?



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Last year, cancer claimed 598,000 lives, yet there are perfluoroalkyl products and other chemical carcinogens in our bedding, clothing, water and food packaging. Where’s the outrage?


The media and politicians claim even one life lost from the virus is too much. Why are we ignoring the 1,280,000 lives that were cut short due to largely preventable causes?


Why are we not making risk-benefit calculations with regard to our containment measures? (e.g., are we worsening diseases like heart disease and cancer by locking people in their homes, closing parks, cancelling sports and reducing physical activity?)

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I think you know the answer to these important questions, but for some reason the media has created an environment that precludes us from even having these conversations. If you ask or question anything, it’s tacitly implied that you’re a science-denying “Right Winger” that wants everyone’s grandmother to die.


If we’re going to claim to follow the science and save as many lives as possible, I would think that reducing the prevalence of cardiovascular disease would be top of mind—especially considering the fact that it’s among the top risk factors for severe COVID.


So far, I’ve not yet heard any public health official, policy maker or major news network offer tips or solutions aimed at preventing heart disease or questioning how our safety policies maybe exacerbating this leading cause mortality.

It's time we ‘build back better' by making healthy living a priority.

  1. Excellent analysis. Thanks for sharing. Could not agree more that the focus in the health systems is incredibly reactive and empower or encourage people to make better choices and take charge of their own health. It’s high time we went from a “sick care” system to one that actually fosters good health.

    • Thanks, Molly. Yes we have to do better going forward. It’s time to make health a priority.

      Have a great weekend,


  2. Good analysis. However, out of curiosity – look ant the Australia and New Zealand situations. Extremely effective use of contact tracing, lock downs, 2-week home quarantine if you’ve been in contact with a Covid-19 positiver person, specialised 2-week quarantining for all returning international travellers, masking (whether it worked or not). As a result every one is now back to work, mask-free and a transTasman travel ‘bubble’ has now opened between the two countries. What can be learned from these two countries?
    Yes, unemployment is higher than it was 18 months ago and is improving and still not at the US level. Yes businesses took a hit however these 2 countries still have a better economic outlook than most.
    I would value your opinion.

    • Hi there Mel,

      It’s a good question. Let’s keep in mind Australia is an island of ~ 20 million with three international airports. The USA has 330 million people, dozens of large international airports.

      Antibody testing from California shows the virus was already seeded here in the fall of 2019.

      Perhaps they also had a bit of luck as the virus started circulating during their summer–cases in S. Hemisphere didn’t start picking up until July.

      My 2 cent!


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