Plastic Found Inside More Than 50% of Arterial Plaque

by Mike Mutzel


Plastic has become an omnipresent material, infiltrating every aspect of our lives. A groundbreaking new study has uncovered a disturbing consequence of this pervasive presence: microplastics are now being discovered in the very arteries of our bodies.

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 Research Cited:

Raffaele Marfella, Francesco Prattichizzo, Celestino Sardu, et al. March 7, 2024. Microplastics and Nanoplastics in Atheromas and Cardiovascular Events, The New England Journal of Medicine. Massachusetts Medical Society.


Time Stamps:

00:00 Microplastics are found in breast milk.

01:55 Plastics are deposited in our cardiac and neural plaque.

03:15 Higher levels of plastics in plaque have a higher risk of fatal cardiovascular events.

08:20 Limit your exposure and enhance the elimination through sweating.

09:25 Over time, microplastics in plaque impact cardiovascular risk.

10:15 Polyethylene and PVC are used in food production and cosmetics.

10:30 Plastics are found in drinking water.

10:40 Plastic particulates are blown in the wind.


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