Women's Health

Erin Andrews Shares What’s In Her Fridge

by Mike Mutzel





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Key Time Stamps

01:12 Plastic water bottles release hormone damaging microplastics into water.

02:08 Microplastics and endocrine disrupting chemicals have non-linear pharmacokinetics – meaning that a small amount can have a disproportionately large negative impact upon your body.

02:36 If you drink juice, make it from scratch.

02:53 Commercial yogurt can contain up to 47 grams of sugar.

03:43 Ketchup often has high fructose corn syrup, which stimulates the lipogenic pathways in your liver, which leads to fatty liver disease.

04:30 Dairy is best when it is raw and untreated. Artesian cheeses are better quality.


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05:13 Dairy can be a trigger for acne, allergies and autoimmunity.

05:38 Garbanzo beans are heavily sprayed with the herbicide glyphosate. Get organic hummus.

06:15 Corn oil, soy oil and canola oil, found in salad dressings are not good for your health.

07:09 Buy pasture raised eggs or grow your own backyard chickens.

08:24 “Low Fat” is a red flag that the amount of sugar in a product is likely high.

08:56 Organic wine from a biodynamic vineyard, like Dry Farm Wines, is best.

10:13 Eat organic blueberries in your local season.

12:33 Bagged salad veggies are often non-organic and sprayed with preservatives.

14:53 Make your own baked goods with quality ingredients and less sugar.

15:13 Focus on organic locally harvested higher quality products.

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