Avoid The Foods That Age You Faster: New Study Finds Unhealthy Eating patterns Accelerate Pace of Aging

by Mike Mutzel


A recent study has unveiled compelling insights into the correlation between eating patterns and accelerated biological aging in women. These findings suggest a noteworthy connection between unhealthy eating patterns and an accelerated pace of biological aging.




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Research Cited:

Reynolds, L. M. et al. Diet Quality and Epigenetic Aging in the Women’s Health Initiative. J. Acad. Nutr. Diet. (2024) doi:10.1016/j.jand.2024.01.002.

Time Stamps:

00:00 High quality diets are linked to a slower pace of biologic aging.

01:00 Dunedin Pace of Aging Methylation Profile

01:50 Nine hallmarks of aging reflect physiologic dysfunction.

02:20 Poor quality diets enriched in processed foods are linked with faster aging.

03:56 Sauna therapy is an exercise memetic, mimicking what exercise does.

04:30 You can slow aging by taking Metformin and DHEA.

05:00 Positive thoughts of aging is associated with a slower pace of biologic aging.

06:00 Foods not found in nature are problematic for your health.

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