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#184: Amanda Milliquet, ND: Muscle, Mindset and Exercise on Ketogenic (Low-Carb) Diets

by Deanna Mutzel, DC



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Amanda is a Naturopathic Doctor focusing in Sports Medicine.


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Show Notes


02:08 Dr. Milliquet’s Journey:  Lifestyle medicine is what drew her to naturopathic medicine, as opposed to traditional medicine. She has a background as an athlete. As a university basketball player, she got into weight training. At a plateau in her training, she discovered CrossFit. It took her fitness to a higher level and continues to do so. The time crunch of CrossFit utilizes different energy systems.

05:21 Her Practice Focus: Often patients come to Dr. Milliquet with chronic injuries. She does acupuncture and dry needling for the pain, but also works on the “why”.  Many of us suffer from upper crossed syndrome, where our pect muscles are tight and our rhomboids are loose, preventing us from getting into a neutral shoulder position, where they are strongest. Treating this is part of Dr. Milliquet’s therapy, as is nutritional intervention.

07:00 Magnesium Deficiency: Calcium and magnesium compete for absorption. Stress, even from working out, depletes magnesium. Muscles do not relax when magnesium is deficient. Magnesium bisglycinate is her favorite form, though the appropriate form varies by individual. It affects digestion less and crosses the blood/brain barrier, helping with sleep. Include magnesium rich foods into your diet, like cacao, nuts, and seeds.

11:22 Strengthening the Rhomboids: Stretching both the major and minor pectoral muscles is the first step. Stretching prior to bedtime keeps muscles loose for the entire night’s sleep. Different rows using bands strengthens rhomboids.

14:43 Sleep: Turn off your screens at least 1 hour before bed. Don’t keep your phone in your bedroom. Take 300 mg magnesium bisglycinate before bed. Do something or read something calming. Keep a notepad beside your bed. Before going to bed, make a To Do list for the next day. Prepare items for the next day. Sleep in a pitch black room. Make sure that your bedroom is only for sleeping or sex. No TV in your bedroom. Dr. Milliquet uses a sunrise alarm clock.

18:00 Foam Rolling: Dr. Milliquet finds foam rolling to be very valuable. Cushy rollers are not helpful. If you aren’t in pain, you are not doing much.

19:06 Decreasing Inflammation: Fish oil supplements and eat a healthy diet help to fight inflammation. Happiness is a huge part of health.

21:20 CrossFit Carry-Over: Often there are strong mental changes, a healthier look and healthier skin. There is also weight loss, growth in confidence and resiliency. You become comfortable being uncomfortable.

25:02 Fat Loss: If you want to lose weight, you need to lift heavy weights. Cardio does not work. CrossFit is a community that helps keep you accountable and support you. Squats are the most effective thing you can do. You recruit the entire lower body muscles. When you stop at parallel, you are not giving your knees a break. When you squat as low as you can, your knees are not under tension. Thus lower squats are better for your knees.

28:36 Deadlifts: Use you hamstrings for deadlifts. Romanian deadlifts are good. For engaging the glutes, the Russian Kettlebell Swing is best.

37:05 Muscle Building Tips for Women: Push yourself to the limit, creating muscle fiber damage so it comes back stronger. Make sure that you are eating enough protein.

38:46 Dr. Milliquet’s Favorite Nutrient: German chamomile (matricaria) is her favorite herb. It is a calming tea.

39:48 Dr. Milliquet’s Morning Routine: The night before, she makes her To Do list and gets everything ready. She works out fasted in the morning. She adds branch chain amino acids, electrolytes, creatine and beet powder to her water for before and during her workout. Her office is at the gym and she brings her breakfast, lunch and dinner for an 8 hour feeding window. Carbs are necessary in lengthy intense workouts. Dr. Milliquet is now full-on keto-adapted and finds that she recovers more quickly between sets.

45:15 Dr. Milliquiet’s Elevator Pitch: Dr. Milliquet would like to see Canada divert some of its healthcare dollars, which she views as disease care dollars, to purchasing bikes for everyone. It will improve the environment and health. Being outside is important.




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