Simple Blood Test Reflects Muscle Quality Plus Vegan VS Animal Protein Outcomes

by Mike Mutzel

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Serum creatinine is an indicator of lean body mass and muscle quality, new studies find.



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Study References:

Bartholomae, E., Knurick, J. & Johnston, C. S. Serum creatinine as an indicator of lean body mass in vegetarians and omnivores. Front. Nutr. 9, 996541 (2022).


Time Stamps:

00:00 Creatinine is independently associated with lean body mass, muscle strength, and muscle quality.

00:25 Serum creatinine is a marker of impaired kidney function.

00:40 Creatinine is a normal waste product of muscle metabolism.

00:50 Levels can be impacted by declining kidney function, inflammation, and blood pressure reduction medications.

01:00 Concentrations are impacted by age, sex, and body size.

01:30 Average muscle protein per kilo of body weight was higher in omnivores.

02:10 Serum creatinine is significantly lower in vegetarians.

03:00 There are statistically significant differences in hand grip strength between omnivores and vegetarians.

05:10 Creatinine levels over 1.4 mg/dl may be a marker of chronic kidney disease and poor kidney function.

06:00 Abnormal urinary creatinine to albumin ratio is a marker of kidney dysfunction.

07:05 Low serum creatinine can indicate acute illness, severe liver disease, loss of muscle mass, malnutrition, muscular dysfunction, dehydration, or sarcopenia.

07:30 Vegetarian diet, low body mass, and reduced strength are linked to low serum creatinine.

08:30 There is a correlation between quality of protein, quality of muscle tissue, and serum creatinine.

09:05 Omnivores have significantly greater dietary protein intake, serum creatinine levels, and grip strength.

09:45 Increasing protein above the RDA has beneficial effects on strength level in vegetarians.

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