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#191: Sami Sweeney- Getting Strong for Summer and Tips to Stay Lean Year-Round

by Mike Mutzel





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About Sami Sweeney

Sami is the owner of all 6 Pure Barre fitness studios in the Seattle/Eastside area. With nearly 10 years of fitness teaching experience, Sami has built a loyal following of students who love her upbeat, challenging classes that emphasize proper form and technique. Along with operating 6 studios and teaching 15+ classes a week, Sami also spends her time as a regional Master Teacher Trainer for the Pure Barre training department and develops choreography and leads many of the Pure Barre fitness dvd's. Training as a gymnast from a young age, she learned the value in challenging herself, both physically and mentally. At age 13, she became a cheerleader and continued to cheer for the following 9 years, eventually earning a scholarship to the University of Idaho to cheer. She graduated from the University of Idaho with two degrees in Finance and Economics. After graduation, she started her journey towards fitness studio ownership in Nashville. TN. Sami brought the first barre studio to Seattle in June of 2010 and has continued to spread her love for all things health and fitness in the Seattle area ever since.

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Books and Resources Discussed in this Episode

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers

Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

Show Notes

02:00 Mindset tips to make fitness a lifestyle

03:30 Fitness goal setting and constant improvement: Sami says the goal has to be coming from a good place. All too frequently I'll see the person that's coming out of a divorce or life change that's like, “Okay, this brought me to a low place.” That maybe won't be a sustainable. There has to be this shift in kind of how you look at it and what am I looking to accomplish. Those are people that are going to be successful with it.

05:00 Meal prep and nutrition strategies

06:00 Exercise timing and fat loss, is there a correlation?

07:30 Why high protein diets tend to have the most influence on fat loss

09:30 How Sami structures her day to manage 100+ employees

10:30 The importance of musically based, fun and full-body workout

12:30 How women can build more tones abs and glutes

14:00 The power of community when it comes to fitness success

15:00 Leveraging social media as a make-shift fitness accountability partner

17:00 Tips to prevent and get ride of cellulite: the more muscle you have and the less body fat you have, you're going to see that muscle, and your not going to see the lumpy cellulite that women try not to show.

18:30 Different ways to train abs to firm up core and oblique’s

21:30 How often should women train and expect to see results

23:00 Adding resistance training to group fitness to enhance the results

24:00 Tips to get more toned arms and shoulders

25:00 Does resistance training cause women to get too bulky and buff? Sami discusses her 10+ year experience in the industry

29:00 How Sami juggles her seven-day-per-week business, over 100 employees and six different studios

30:00 How Sami sets goals to keep moving forward and ensuring that her progress is continual: Even after 10 years of professional fitness experience, Sami still sets and reviews her fitness goals weekly and recommends that her clients do the same.)


  1. I am sorry but this kind of “overview” instead of a more substantial part-transcript is useless for me. I don’t have time to watch these interviews (although they are really very good) so it is helpful for me to read ast least the main topics that have been discussed, with enough detail so I can learn something from it.. In order to get sufficient information, it is simply not enough to read the titles like: meal prep and nutrition strategies, how women can build … tips to prevent etc.

    I need to know the content (= what exactly she said) and not just a topline title that does not reveal the content, the tips etc.

    You used to have a very good shortened version of this that were not full transcripts but were still informative, But these oneliners of today do not inform me about anything unless I go and listen to the whole thign (which I have no intention to do unless I know more about what she discussed). This is such a waste of time – yours and ours!

    • Hi Xenia,

      I understand your concern, and we’re making a converting the show-notes to a membership based platform for people like yourself who want the word-by-word transcript.

      Will keep you posted on that.



  2. I listened to your interview with Dave Asprey, and enjoyed learning from him, and then I listened to another interview that you did subsequent to that interview. You mentioned that you tried the bullet proof coffee and found that you gained weight from it. That has been my experience as well, and I was wondering what you think the culprit is? Is it the combination of coffee, butter and Brain Octane, or is it just the butter or Brain Octane alone? I found that I enjoyed drinking the coffee, but these 15 extra pounds are not enjoyable at all, and I am struggling to lose them. If you have any ideas about this at all, I would very much appreciate hearing them!

    • Brilliant question, Susan!

      Not sure what the mechanism there is, but liquid fat can be an issue for some people–possibly the increased levels of bacterial endotoxins that are absorbed? Not sure.

      Try making it with just the MCT oil/Brain Octane and see how that goes, as MCTs are very ketogenic yet don’t affect endotoxin absorption.

      If you’re around for it, we’re going to chat on this very topic live tomorrow at 8:30 AM PST

      Here’s the URL:

      Hope this helps some, Susan!


  3. THanks Mike! I just finished listening to the replay and enjoyed the talk a lot. I was wondering if you would post the links to the talks that you mentioned? As well, what do you think of taking exogenous keytones to kickstart ketosis?

    Thanks once more,

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