Low Levels of the Hormone DHEA are Linked with Higher Belly Fat in Women

by Mike Mutzel

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Numerous studies over the past 25 years have linked higher DHEA with various health benefits, including preventing fat gain. Let’s explore this research.



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In our study, we found out that the level of DHEA-S decreased significantly as BMI and waist circumference increased in women. In many studies, the results are found similar to our study (21–23). Hernandez-Morante et al. (24) presented that DHEA- S treatment increased adiponectin gene expression and that this mechanism was effective in preventing obesity.” (Sayin et al 2020)

Sayın, S.,. (2020). The relationship between sex steroids, insulin resistance and body compositions in obese women: A case-control study. Journal of Medical Biochemistry, 39(1), 25–31. 

Yen S., . (2001). Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate and longevity: new clues for an old friend. National Acad Sciences 

Wu, T. T.,  (2017). Prognostic value of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate for patients with cardiovascular disease: a systematic review and meta‐analysis. 6:e004896. Am Heart Assoc.

Time Stamps:

00:00 DHEA is hormone. It begins to decline at about age 25.

00:07 At age 60 or 70, DHEA production has declined by about 90%.

00:13 DHEA is linked with immune health, metabolic health, memory, and cognition.

00:21 After menopause, adrenals become the sole source of androgens in the body.

00:45 Consider taking DHEA before trying hormone replacement therapy.

02:00 Active DHEA is made by your adrenals. It is in equilibrium with DHEA-S (DHEA-sulfate).

02:30 Metabolites adhere to a circadian rhythm. Be consistent about bloodwork timing.

03:45 DHEA gets converted to 4-dione, then, through aromatization, into estrogen.

06:55 Low DHEA sulfate levels are linked with higher mortality and disease.

07:25 DHEA supplementation in incorrect doses can accelerate hair loss and increase estrogen.

08:00 Dosing Men: 10 mg/ 10 years of life.  Pay attention to your body’s feedback.

09:00 Dosing Women: 75% less than men. 10 mg/ 10 years of life multiplied by .25 (25%)

12:45 Micronized DHEA may be a little better absorbed. Transdermal is not necessary.

14:10 Women with PCOS should not take DHEA.

15:00 Insulin drives androgens in women. Spironolactone, a med taken for PCOS, is an antiandrogen.

15:50 Work with your doctor. Test your DHEA sulfate blood levels.

16:55 Low doses of estrogen has benefits for men in their cognition, brain function and mental health.

  1. Hi Mike,
    What are the symptoms of overdosing DHEA in postmenopausal women besides hair loss and road rage? Can you be more specific on that?

    What should the level of DHEA look like on a blood test in numbers?

    I’m 68, resistance train twice a week with as heavy weight as I can stand and am carnivore 2MAD. (146cm [4’8″]; 53.8kg [118.36lb])

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