Ketogenic Diet

Ketones: a Metabolic Therapy to Decrease Inflammation w/ William Seeds, MD

by Mike Mutzel





Time Stamps

04:30 The key to repair in the body is cell efficiency. The cell needs to make the right substrate choice for that cell.

06:30 An intermittent fast of 72 hours, upregulates stem cell rejuvenation and improves surgical outcomes for metabolically disadvantaged patients.

08:00 Ketones are an energy source that the cell wants. It requires little energy to use it.

08:25 You can get into ketosis in less than a minute with ketone esters.

09:00 Improving cell efficiency lets the cell make intelligent decisions.

13:40 Intermittent fasting protocols can help reduce inflammation.

14:15 Athletes are generally over trained, though they look healthy.

14:43 Ketone esters give immediate feedback. Nutritional ketosis decreases inflammation and positively effects the brain and the gut.

16:48 The ketone ester has taken the place of intermittent fasting and is better at it.

17:10 Your body adapts. Alternate ketone ester use and a fasting protocol for 6 weeks to 3 months is optimal.

20:55 Your cell creates great antioxidants required for fighting off pathogens. Ketone esters bring in a process where the cell needs to produce “reducing equivalents” called NADPH. NADPH is about transferring electrons.

21:52 Antioxidants require the transfer of electrons back and forth as they reduce the oxidative states.

21:12 Viruses hijack disrupted cells. Producing more NADPH helps a cell adapt to the virus.  Ketone esters instantly affect NADPH.

23:37 Ketones improve inflammasome reactions, and utilize other anti-inflammatory pathways specific to the lungs.

23:56 Lung cells make their own antibiotic/antimicrobial called LL-37. Ketone esters keep these cells viable by providing energy for the energy consuming task of producing LL-37, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. The virus turns off the mechanism that produces it.

25:15 The lung cell choosing glucose turns off the immune system and turns off production of LL-37.

27:07 Obesity turns off the cell’s flexibility and efficiency. Ketone esters can protect patients pre-COVID and post-COVID.

30:24 Supplemental antioxidants are not nearly as effective as the ones you make.

31:34 Free radicals are signaling agents. You need them for cell adaption. Overusing antioxidants can make you sick. Give your cell what it needs to make the right decisions. This is based in efficiency and flexibility.

32:30 The two most powerful things you can do are to exercise and ensure proper nutrition. Intermittent fasting, calorie restriction, and the ketogenic diet try to replicate exercise and good nutrition.

36:35 We improve the modulation of the immune system by caring for the cell; giving the immune system a better ability to move between the acquired/adaptive and innate parts of the immune system.

42:27 The US Army has known that ketones protect cells against radiation.

43:05 Many confuse ketosis with ketoacidosis. Exogenous ketones shut off fatty acid oxidation.

46:59 Social media posts related to COVID by practitioners and researchers are taken down. Posts require careful wording.

50:45 Dr. Seeds does intermittent fasting and breaks his fast with ketone esters. He adapts quickly, thus he changes his regimens.

52:30 Dr. Seeds does aerobic HIIT before resistance training. This readies stem cells for repair and recovery after resistance training.

57:35 Strengthen the posterior chain to prepare for squatting with heavier weights. Understand the mechanics.


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