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Meat Doesn’t Clog Your Arteries: THESE Foods Do (27 Year Study)

by Mike Mutzel


A new 27 year study highlights how junk food, not red meat, is the primary driver of heart disease.

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Research Cited:

Du, S., Kim, H. & Rebholz, C. M. Higher Ultra-Processed Food Consumption Is Associated with Increased Risk of Incident Coronary Artery Disease in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study. J. Nutr. 151, 3746–3754 (2021).


Show Notes:

00:00 High consumption of ultra processed foods is the main risk factor in coronary artery
01:20 You can have normal LDL and still have atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
01:45 Junk foods negatively impact inflammation and your microbiome.
06:55 7 to 8 servings of junk food increases risk of developing coronary artery disease by
08:10 Consume real food.
09:00 Most plant-based foods are ultra processed.
09:45 Increased higher all-cause mortality is linked to junk food consumption.
10:40 Intestinal inflammation can be instigated by junk food and its packaging.
12:00 Food processing contaminants and food additives may elevate coronary disease risk.
13:20 Non-calorie sweeteners accelerate atherosclerosis.

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