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#252: Keto for Women Muscle and Happiness w/ Former Figure Competitor Victoria Field

by Mike Mutzel



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She's putting on this great summit with Dom D'Agostino, PhD and Angela Poff, PhD: metabolichealthsummit.com


Show Notes: 



01:20 Victoria’s focus is on longevity.

04:04 Victoria’s dog had epilepsy and the ketogenic diet, via KetoPet, helped her dog.

07:00 Victoria’s dogs are on a 1 to 1 to about a 2 to 1 ratio.

08:18 Most dog foods are upwards of 60% to 80% carbohydrate. This is not reflective of what is natural for your dog to eat.

08:37 Extra fat should be consumed by dogs that have cancer or seizures. The fat can be fatty pieces of meat, butter, heavy cream, and coconut oil.

09:17 Fats for dogs are best served raw.

11:45 Research on cats showed that after several generations of consuming cooked food, cats were osteopenic and had weak bones.

12:28 Resistance training was part of Victoria’s training weight management.

13:08 Weights are your best friend. Weight training supports female hormones and bone density and more.

16:16 It is important to be functionally fit.

17:22 Experiment with an open mind to find what works for you. Research. Adapt.

28:00 The Epigenix Foundation has been doing exciting research into the epigenetic impacts of beta hydroxybutyrate: cell cycle repair, DNA stability and other signally pathways.

33:30 Maintaining protein intake is as important as maintaining fat intake.

42:46 Your physical form is fleeting. You need to work on emotional and mental health to bring happiness.

50:58 Top physicians, scientists and thought leaders will be speaking at the Metabolic Health Summit.  

54:16 Victoria did testing before starting keto and retested. Her cholesterol levels and vascular inflammation levels were elevated.

58:37 Victoria decided to stop testing, having done due diligence with a carotid INT scan and a coronary calcium screen with contrast. Years later her numbers were normal.

01:04:43 In epilepsy where drugs fail, a ketogenic diet can, in some cases, stop seizures within 24 to 48 hours and in some cases, seizures do not come back after being on the diet for an extended period of time.

01:13:04 Victoria’s morning routine is mindful. If she does not have a strenuous workout, she won’t eat until noon or 1 pm.

01:17:15 Victoria’s desert island nutrient is red meat. It would help you survive and be healthy. It contains fat, protein and micronutrients.

01:19:23 Victoria’s elevator pitch is that our choices in nutrition and metabolism are powerful and impact genetics. We need to focus on them to impact ailments and diseases of today.

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