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Transgender Athletes DO Have an Unfair Advantage w/ Coach Cynthia Monteleone

by Mike Mutzel


Cynthia Monteleone is an elite athlete and coach to Olympians and numerous high-school and collegiate athletes around the globe. She speaks out the biological differences between men and women.




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03:00 Gender dysphoria is a medical condition. About 15 years ago, the ACLU took it as a civil rights issue.

04:10 Women and girls need to be respected and allowed the same opportunities for scholarships and awards. We are witnessing the end of female sports, as biologic males compete against women.

06:20 There is no ban on trans gender athletes. Males identifying as females are competing in female athletic categories. Policies should encourage everyone.

06:53 Policies should be in place for every participant to earn their accolades fairly.

07:40 It is claimed that the biological difference does not matter.

08:10 Even with gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatment, male bodies still have an advantage over female bodies.

09:05 Today there is no limit to the ideology of identification as something or someone other than who you were at birth.

10:30 Censorship of opposing views is real. Cynthia was warned of threats to her safety, and she was offered financial incentives to stop talking about this issue.

11:20 Title IX was put into place in the 1970s to create an opportunity for a woman to complete in sports and have an equal chance of a scholarship and awards. Universities were then required to provide an equal number of female teams as there are male teams. If there was a male locker room, they need to provide a female locker room.

13:45 Female competitor safety can be at risk when biologic males compete on teams with females.

15:00 Headlines are meant to confuse you. Don’t fall for it. Common sense and biology tells us there are differences between men and women.

18:02 Puberty Blockers: Children can get puberty blockers without the consent of their parents. Girls who take them, will be infertile for the rest of their lives. Abigail Shrier’s book raises many important questions.

23:20 Environmental/chemical factors may play a role in sexual development. Aromatase inhibition can be genetic from the mother.

24:00 Chemicals in your environment change your hormones.

24:10 True gender dysphoria takes place is the same place in the brain as schizophrenia. Why are we not trying to treat gender dysphoria?

24:40 When a male transitions to female and takes hormones, they are at high risk for heart disease.

28:40 Industrialized nations, with their pollutants appear to be having more sexual identity problems/issues.

39:10 The myonuclei that make muscle fibers are more abundant in males in the womb, than in females. Males can build more muscle than females from before birth. Males have increased height, bone structure, lung capacity, heart size and more, giving them athletic advantage.

42:00 Detrimental health side effects  from hormone treatment and reassignment surgery are serious.

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