Debunking Common Myths About Creatine: Creatine Science & Side Effects Explained

by Mike Mutzel

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Creatine helps with cellular energy production. It doesn't impact androgens, cause hair-loss or a host of other things that people claim. In this video we dive more into the science





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Key Takeaways:


00:20 Creatine helps with cellular energy production in your muscle, heart, brain, and elsewhere during intense usage.

00:45 Creatine does not increase anabolic hormones.

01:00 It is a phosphate source when your muscles are being stressed.

01:45 Your liver makes creatine and you ingest it from animal products.

02:10 Creatine is phosphorylated to phosphocreatine.

03:20 When ATP is in short supply, phosphocreatine provides phosphorus so ATP can be created under anaerobic conditions.

05:10 Creatine is involved in hydration.





06:10 Steak has 5 to 7 grams of creatine.

07:00 Creatine support brain glial cells, which help with neurotransmitter resynthesis and clearing of debris.

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