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Childhood Obesity and Overweight Surge 23.9% from Pandemic School Closures, Scientists Find

by Mike Mutzel


New report gives insights into how children got hit hard as a result of school closures in 2020.

Keeping kids safe should also include feeding them real food and staying physically active, not just covering their face with a mask.



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Time Stamps:

2:25 Vitamin D Health Benefits
2:57 Obesity and Recidivism
3:41 Why aren’t parents concerned?
4:00 Kids and Mortality from the virus
4:40 Kids and metabolic health
5:43 Obesity and the virus in adults
6:19 Stay home order caused weight gain
7:45 Why Obesity is a problem
9:10 Obesity environment and virulent virus strains
10:20 Viral load and obesity
12:18 Rates of Obesity in Kids skyrockets during pandemic
18:39 Response to Obesity Crisis is insufficient
20:20 Infection course in kids and co-morbidities
22:12 Diabetes Prevalence in kids is up 95%


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