Blood Sugar Imbalances Age You Faster, New Study Finds

by Mike Mutzel


A new study finds poor blood sugar health accelerates biologic aging, lets dive into the details!



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Studies Mentioned:

McCarthy, K., O’Halloran, A. M., Fallon, P., Kenny, R. A. & McCrory, C. Metabolic syndrome accelerates epigenetic ageing in older adults: Findings from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA). Exp. Gerontol. 183, 112314 (2023).

Time Stamps:

00:45 People with metabolic syndrome age faster biologically.

01:15 Glucose attaches to molecules causing advanced glycation end products.

01:30 Optimize longevity by changing diet and lifestyle.

04:13 Slower ageing is associated with lower inflammation markers.

04:30 Adiponectin is a marker of metabolic health.

05:00 Greater exercise volume and intensity correlates to slower biologic aging.

07:30 Support your metabolic health.

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