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Media Claims ‘Protein Damages Your Arteries’ Here’s The Actual Science

by Mike Mutzel


Numerous studies find high-protein diets decrease appetite, promote weight loss and improve body composition (e.g. aid in fat loss while preserving muscle mass).

Since excess body fat is a risk factor for heart disease, cancer and diabetes (top causes of death), we should be encouraging higher-protein diets for most people, not less.

However, sensational media coverage of a new study claims ‘protein damages your arteries.’

I dove deeper into this study, and it turns out investigators didn’t even look at artery damage…

Here’s the full story:


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Research Cited:

Zhang, X. et al. Identification of a leucine-mediated threshold effect governing macrophage mTOR signalling and cardiovascular risk. Nat. Metab. 6, 359–377 (2024).


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