Avoid The Chemicals Tanking Your Testosterone, Raising Estrogen w/ Anthony Jay, PhD

by Mike Mutzel

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Anthony Jay, PhD discusses ways to minimize exposure to chemicals that are harming your hormones and health.


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Episode Time Stamps:


02:20 Average total male testosterone now is 250.In the 1980s the average male had 500 total testosterone. That average drops about a percentage point every year. In the 1990s it was about 400. In the early 2000s it was about 300.

02:55 Paleo ancestors had an average total testosterone of 1500.

03:05 Breast cancer rates have risen 250% in the past 20 to 30 years.

03:25 Fake estrogen chemicals mess with estrogen and progesterone ratios and block testosterone from binding to the receptor. They lower your total testosterone and free testosterone.

05:04 If the recycle symbol on the bottom of your bottle is 7, there is bisphenol (probably BPS), even if it says BPA free. BPS is worse than BPA.

05:55 Find and address the root cause of decreasing testosterone.

07:15 Phthalates leach into your water. Filter your drinking water. Don’t store water in plastic. Use glass or stainless steel. Water in your house is transported through plastic pipes. Dr. Jay likes the water filters mounted on the spigot of the kitchen sink. Water from a plastic pitcher filter can be stored in a glass pitcher.

08:20 Activated charcoal (carbon) is the key to removing estrogen chemicals.

09:05 Chicken is full of phthalates from injected preservatives.

10:15 Plastic containers leach into liquids, especially if it is heated or at room temperature.

10:55 The black plastic on TV dinners is from recycled electrical cords and other gear.

11:58 Low testosterone is linked to poor metabolic health, cardiovascular disease, and depression.

12:15 Doctors are trained as pharmaceutical reps. There is no incentive to fix the root cause.

14:40 Testosterone protects your arteries against plaque, protects your brain against Alzheimer’s, and protects your metabolism through blood sugar regulation.

15:10 The medical/pharmaceutical system is a money driven machine. It does not optimize for you health. It is optimized for selling more drugs.

15:35 Testosterone is an action hormone for both men and women. It is motivating and improves sex drive. Estrogen in the brain can increase aggressive behavior.

16:45 Natural estrogen protects against Alzheimer’s, heart attacks and depression. By decreasing natural estrogen in women, and add fake estrogen chemicals, you make the women more masculine.

17:33 Atrazine exposure creates male feminization. Atrazine is the second most used herbicide, after glyphosate, in the North America. It is illegal in Europe. A male frog sitting in water with 200 ng/dL of atrazine turns the male frog into a female frog. US safety limit for atrazine in drinking water is 3,000 ng/dL.

19:00 Oxybenzone in sunscreen is an estrogen endocrine disruptor. Seven days after one application of sunscreen brought blood levels of oxybenzone above government adult safety limits.

19:40 The “new car smell” is often oxybenzone. It perverts your brain into thinking it is attractive.

20:20 No one is studying the additive effect, bioaccumulation, or long-term impacts of fake hormones.

21:00 Fake estrogens influence the way cells behave, but it does not kill the cell. That means that it is not toxic. Adding BPA to cells in a dish does not kill them because the cells think it is more estrogen. When your cells are placed in a plastic research dish, 80% of them die from the plastic. The remaining ones are robust, and those are the ones studied.

22:40 If you see the word “fragrance” on a label, don’t buy it.

23:00 China has stricter regulations on parabens and phthalates than the US to circumvent the feminization of males.

24:35 Use the sauna. Sweat out your chemical exposures.

25:05 Gender dysphoria may be linked to chemical exposures.

27:10 Polar bears in northern Alaska have parabens and phthalates in their bodies.  These chemicals can cause them to become infertile.

28:05 Children with high levels of urine BPA have high rates of depression.

28:30 There are two estrogen receptors and one testosterone receptor, an androgen receptor. Women have 3 main estrogens: estrone, estriol, and estradiol. The alpha estrogen receptor is important for sexual development in the womb. After the womb, the alpha receptor should not be activated.

29:10 Alpha estrogen receptor is linked to breast cancer and prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is not a testosterone problem. It is an alpha estrogen receptor problem.

29:20 Beta estrogen receptor (ESR2) is protective against breast cancer, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. It should be activated throughout your life, for both men and women.

29:54 Fake estrogens activate the alpha estrogen receptor, which shuts off the beta receptor.

30:20 Soy is a risk. It acts like estrogen. Soy activates both the alpha and beta estrogen receptors. Some people have a higher risk of breast cancer from soy because they have more estrogen alpha receptors.

32:10 Lignins in flax are good for you if your gut bacteria can break them down. If they don’t, lignins activate the alpha receptor.

32:20 Soy and flax have 100,000 units of estrogen. Other plant foods have under 1,000 units of estrogen. Fermented soy (tempeh, miso and fermented soy sauce) is under 100 units of estrogen.

34:30 Estrogen chemicals likely trigger early menopause and early puberty for girls. If you want to give mice and rats PCOS, give them estrogen chemicals.

37:50 Estrogen chemicals are released in sweat. Shower it off immediately. Our fat tissue stores estrogen chemicals.  Rats given low dose atrazine got fat.


  1. Do you have a link to the study he talked about toward the end regarding rats and weight gain when exposed to atrazine? Thanks in advance!

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