Vitamin D

Vitamin D Sleep Quality and Brain Health: New Science and Connections You Should Know

by Mike Mutzel


A large body of research suggests vitamin D impacts sleep quality and sleep duration as well as neurotransmitter levels in the brain. Here's an overview of the science–which is timely if you live in norther latitudes.



In this podcast, we explore details about how T cells help create lasting immunity plus new ways to assess the immune memory of your own T cells if you’ve been exposed to SARS-CoV-2.


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Episode Time Stamps:

1:37 Vitamin D and Sleep
2:07 Dr. Stasha Gominak, MD Vitamin D and Sleep Podcast
2:16 Vitamin D and Gut Health
2:31 Vitamin D Metabolism Basics
4:56 Factors that impact vitamin D levels
5:54 Optimal Vitamin D levels
6:42 Classical VS Non-Classical pathways linked with Vitamin D
8:05 Vitamin D and sleep details
8:31 Vitamini D and sleep disordered breathing
9:05 Vitamin and sleep details
10:16 Vitamin D and Circadian Rhythms
11:00 Dosing Vitamin D at night
12:38 Vitamin D and Brain Development
13:45 Vitamin D is very important for children
14:57 Big picture re: Vitamin D and sleep
15:47 Vitamin D Blood spot test
16:13 Optimal Vitamin D levels this winter
16:50 Dosing Vitamin D prior to bed
17:52 Vitamin K and Vitamin D


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