#210: Tabb Firchau, CEO Freefly Systems Discusses Time-Restricted Feeding & Keto in the Workplace

by Deanna Mutzel, DC



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About Tabb Firchau

Tabb is arguably one of the most disruptive and innovative figures in the cinematography space.

The camera-stabilizing products made by his company Freefly Systems have been used to create legendary shots in many feature films from Game of Thrones to National Geographic and beyond.

Connect with Tabb and Freefly:

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Interview Show Notes


02:13 Tabb wanted to create aerial images of the world that hadn’t been seen before so he figured out how to shoot from drones.  They started by providing the cinematography service, now they also sell the drone as well. The MoVI XL is their most recent innovation.

11:00 Tabb & Mike's Drone Crash Stories: You’ll love this.

14:41 Tabb’s Diet and Nutrition Journey: Starting Freefly took a great deal of time and effort, causing Tabb to drift from his foundation of health and wellness. When he became aware, he dove onto the Paleo bandwagon and began to pay attention. About a year ago he began reading about keto in respect to longevity. When Tabb tried keto, he noticed increased mental clarity and emotional resilience.  He has practiced intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet. He finds them liberating, so he is not compelled to eat. Being metabolically flexible helps him to not be stressed out about food. You can go for a long time without food.

18:00 It took a while to keto adapt. At the beginning, Tabb would fast through the day after having had a fatty coffee or tea in the morning. At noon, he would get the feeling that he needed something else. Now he can go all day without eating and be fine. He continues to fine tune his eating/fasting and now does strength training.

19:23 You have to be able to adapt: At the beginning of keto and fasting, Tabb had great sleep. Then he wasn’t sleeping as well and began experimenting with a small amount of carbs before bed. There are many changing life factors to pick apart and respond to. Tabb now has a number of tools to deal with changing life factors.

21:03 Implementing StrengthTraining: Tabb likes hiking and taking long walks. He now does strength training. He finds that he sleeps better and he has increased muscle mass. He has also noticed a big difference in his average blood glucose levels and an improvement in stabilizing disrupted glucose levels. Strength training, along with meditation, allows him to pull back from the moment. He has more clarity and better and more consistent energy levels.

22:49 Sauna: Mike spoke to Tabb about sauna and now Tabb is hooked, trying to get in 3 or 4 20 minute sauna sessions a week. To keep your waterproof phone from overheating, wrap it in a towel slightly wet with cold water.

23:50 Walking: At Freefly Systems, they often walk as their meeting and discussion time. Movement and being outside helps on many levels. When you are walking and looking forward, it is less combative and personal. It is easier to express our needs when walking forward.

25:19 The continuous glucose monitor provides accurate feedback on diet, sleep, stress and lifestyle. This allows you to begin to trust the internal signals.

28:31 Keto and time restricted feeding benefits. Tabb believes that ketosis allows him to maintain his preferred metabolic composition, cognitive performance, and emotional resilience. It may also increase longevity.

32:07 Biometrics: It is meaningful to take a complex situation, distill it and provide a framework for people to succeed.  The biometric pieces exist. They need to be assembled in an impactful way. Tabb likes the Oura ring, which provides HRV, sleep scores, and sleep architecture.

35:52 Mouth Taping: Mouth taping while sleeping positively impacts his Oura sleep scores and sleep quality. It has also eliminated his occasional snoring.

37:07 Tabb’s single Favorite exercise is hex bar deadlifts…or squats.

38:13 Tabb’s morning routine always involves some sort of learning. He may listen to Audible, a podcast or to soothing music so he can sort through his thoughts. Upon arrival at work, he spends 10 to 20 minutes in meditation using Headspace or Muse. He has also begun journaling gratitude and lessons learned. He assigns a time on his calendar to everything he needs to do in a day.  After this he has coffee. For the first 2 hours of the day he does no email or fast communication triage. He tackles a single creative task early in the morning.

44:27 Tabb’s desert island supplement/nutrient is high quality meat. He has had no great impact from a supplement. He finds that he learns more by stripping things away than from adding things on top of things.

46:33 Tabb’s Elevator Pitch: Stop eating for 10 times longer than you think you should stop eating and you will start to reset.  Let’s start disclosing financial interest in studies and health science. Listen to people who have found success in an area of your interest. You are responsible for your own health, your own finances and your own success. Dig in and learn.

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