Blood Sugar

Testing Your Metabolic Health at Home: An Accurate Hemoglobin A1C Kit

by Mike Mutzel


Metabolic Health should be a top priority for everyone, now there's a new easy at-home test kit to give you insights.






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Video Time Stamps:

00:30 There is an ebb and flow to your blood sugar.

00:45 The hemoglobin A1C test is a reflection of your baseline blood sugar levels.

00:50 As blood sugar increases, sugar can attach to different proteins. The degree of this glycosylation can be measured in your red blood cells and is reflected in the H A1C test.

01:05 This at home A1C test allows you to test 3 different times. The interval will help you access your metabolic health.

01:30 Glycemic variability is a risk factor for poor outcomes, increased need for hospitalization, and dying from the current virus.

02:02 Better nutrition and lifestyle choices support your immune and metabolic health. This starts with exercise, nutrition, stress reduction and sleep.

02:12 Blood sugar is regulated by how you manage stress, how your balance your circadian clock system and rhythms, food that we eat and your movement.

02:35 The A1C test measures the amount of sugar glycosylating. Fructose fructosylates (attaches to proteins in your body).  The fructosylated albumin test is very accurate.

03:31 Persistently elevated glucose levels cause glycosylation, activating the immunologic Receptor for Advanced Glycation End products (RAGE receptor). This increases inflammation.

04:15 Stimulating the RAGE receptor, makes alterations to your body proteins and their functions. Structure equals function.

05:50 Mike’s A1C was 4.8.

06:20 Strive for under 5%. The cut point for diabetes is 6.5%.

07:20 The A1C represents blood glucose levels within a 2-to-3-month period, more long-term blood glucose levels.

08:25 Glucose spikes have been known to promote the secretion of inflammatory mediators.

08:30 Higher hemoglobin A1C levels are linked with increased risk for mortality and worse outcomes with the virus.

09:50 Your metabolism affects your brain, inflammation, immune system, and heart.


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