Metabolic Health

Fructose, High-Carb Diets Make Fat Loss Impossible: New Research

by Mike Mutzel


New evidence suggests fructose and sugar are major drivers of obesity and metabolic disease.

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Johnson, R. J. et al. The fructose survival hypothesis for obesity. Philos. Trans. R. Soc. B 378, 20220230 (2023).

Show Notes:

0:00 Intro
0:25 The Fructose Survival Hypothesis theory of obesity.
1:10 Fructose reduces the active energy within your cells.
2:50 Table sugar contains glucose and fructose.
2:55 Excessive glucose can be converted into fructose.
4:10 Fructose kinase enzyme is a key initiator of deleterious fructose/glucose effects.
4:55 Leptin causes you to seek more food. Excess fructose/glucose drives hyperleptinemia.
6:45 Fruit sugar increases body fat storage to help you survive the winter.
7:24 Aging pathways are disrupted with high levels of blood sugar.
10:00 Uric acid, and liver enzyme elevation may be biomarkers.
12:10 High carb/high salt diets increase risk of diabetes.


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