Cardiovascular disease

Study Challenges Conventional Wisdom: Higher LDL-Cholesterol Tied to Reduced Risk of Death

by Mike Mutzel


A 22-year follow-up study involving 177,000 individuals reveals that low LDL cholesterol is associated with higher cardiovascular-specific mortality.

The authors of this study write, “…the lowest risk for long-term mortality appears to exist in the wide LDL-C range of 100–189 mg/dL, which is much higher than current recommendations.”

Here's the full breakdown:



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Research Mentioned:

Kip, K. E., Diamond, D., Mulukutla, S. & Marroquin, O. C. Is LDL cholesterol associated with long-term mortality among primary prevention adults? A retrospective cohort study from a large healthcare system. BMJ Open 14, e077949 (2024).
Jurin, I. et al. Outcomes of Patients with Normal LDL-Cholesterol at Admission for Acute Coronary Syndromes: Lower Is Not Always Better. J. Cardiovasc. Dev. Dis. 11, 120 (2024).


Show Notes:

00:00 Low LDL cholesterol is linked with higher odds of dying from cardiovascular mortality.

02:30 Individuals most likely to survive had LDL between 160 mg/dl and over 190 mg/dl.

03:40 High total cholesterol or high triglycerides to HDL ratio increases risk of an event.

08:00 LDL of 100 to 189 mg/dl had the lowest risk of long-term mortality.

09:30 LDL should be lightly considered in non-diabetic adults.

10:40 Only a fraction of people with cardiovascular events have high cholesterol.

12:00 HDL is anti-inflammatory.

12:40 Those with autoimmune disease may have high HDL.



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