Prolonged Fasting Not Needed to Enhance Autophagy, Longevity, New Study Finds

by Mike Mutzel


A new study found daily intermittent fasting for ~ 17-19 hours was sufficient to enhance fat loss, metabolic health and bio-markers linked longevity (autophagy) as well as cancer prevention.



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Erlangga, Z. et al. The effect of prolonged intermittent fasting on autophagy, inflammasome and senescence genes expressions: An exploratory study in healthy young males. Hum Nutrition Metabolism 32, 200189 (2023).

Time Stamps:


00:00 Fasting 17 to 19 hours per day for 30 days increased autophagy and increased tumor suppressor P53.

02:10 Autophagy increased, favorable changes were made in the inflammasome hub, and there was a decrease in senescence-associated-signaling molecules.

03:00 P53 helps repair DNA damage, prevents senescence, and contributes to reduced atherogenic risk.

06:05 Autophagy has tissue-specific benefits, especially in the liver and brain.

07:35 Regular exercisers have a great increase in fasted-associated autophagy initiation proteins.

08:35 Long duration fasts can catabolize lean mass, possibly increasing risk for cardiovascular disease.

  1. I’ve been trying to do an intermittent fast daily (7pm ish until 12pm next day).
    But I have been drinking one cup of coffee in the morning.. is coffee allowed??

  2. Hi Mike. Certain “experts” claim small amount of Cream or Milk is OK with your first coffee of the morning . In other words, does not ” break your fast “. What is your opinion ? I hav no issue with black coffee without sugar in the morning . But it seems to be a major issue for some of my patients .

  3. What you think of muslim Arabs 30 day religious fast done yearly? Is this an intermitent fasting and how about what one should eat to break the fast and how much, how many meals before the next day fasting time start?

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