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Pharma and Big Food Have Corrupted Health and Nutrition Policy, New Report Finds

by Mike Mutzel


A damning new investigation finds the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics takes money from, and invests in, food companies that make commodity processed-food products that are harmful to your health, documents show.




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Research Mentioned:


Carriedo, A., Pinsky, I., Crosbie, E., Ruskin, G. & Mialon, M. The corporate capture of the nutrition profession in the USA: the case of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Public Health Nutr 25, 3568–3582 (2022).

A Cross-Sectional Examination of Conflict-of-Interest Disclosures of Physician-Authors Publishing in High-Impact US Medical Journals

Analysis of JAMA and NEJM articles finds most authors failed to disclose conflicts | STAT NEWS

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Show Notes:


00:00 86% of authors or co-authors have financial ties to pharmaceutical companies when drug trials are reported.

01:31 About 30% of the revenue of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which certifies over 100,000 dietitians, comes from major big food and pharmaceutical companies.

03:10 The FDA, CDC, and NIH receive industry funding and hire from the industry they regulate.

04:00 About 67% of calories consumed by children are processed foods.

05:10 Adults eat 57% of calories from processed foods.

05:30 The association that makes dietary guidelines has stock in food companies and creates favorable research.

07:35 About 86% of scientific studies have authors or scientists who are direct employees of pharmaceutical companies on the paper.

09:00 The average Medicare eligible person is on at least 5 pharmaceutical medications.

09:40 Pharma donated an average of 6 to 7 million dollars to congressional campaigns.

10:30 Major networks received a total of 1 billion dollars from government to promote the vaccine.

11:00 We need more transparency.  

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