9 Reasons Why Pesticides and Pollutants Could Be Making You Fat

by Mike Mutzel


1) Persistent Organic Pollutants Are Obesogens

With obesity on the rise in children, adults, and even pets, we need to look beyond calories as possible causes for the bulging epidemic. Phthalates, pesticides, and flame retardants are without question making us fatter and sicker.

2) Fat Cells Are Toxin Bins
Excess calories are not the only things that fat cells store; they also store environmental pollutants, aka persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Since most of these toxins are fat-soluble, they fit nicely inside fat cells (adipocytes).

The lipid droplet is a pocket inside the fat cell where fats are stored, and the POPs fit snugly in there.

3) The Ability to Store Fat Affords Protection Against POP Toxicity
Animal model studies showed that the more fat an animal can store, the more resistant the animal is to the lethal toxicity of POPs.

The problem is, these toxins are also dubbed “endocrine disrupting compounds,” or EDCs, and they wreak havoc in our metabolic system. (More on that shortly.)

4) Blood Levels of Toxins Rise with Weight Loss
Weight loss is linked with spikes in blood levels of toxins. If you’re trying to lose weight, make sure that you eat plenty of garlic, onions, turmeric, and other sulfur-rich foods to kick your detox pathways into high gear.
REF. Inverse associations between long-term weight change and serum concentrations of persistent organic pollutants.

5) POPs Are Linked with Metabolic Syndrome
The clustering of high-risk factors linked belly fat to heart disease, known as metabolic syndrome, which is strongly correlated with high levels of toxins.

6) Toxins Are Linked with Inflammation
Inflammation is the sine qua non of disease. Toxins drive inflammatory responses in the body.

7) Low Doses of Toxins Over a Lifetime Add Up
Since we eat tons of food over the course of our lives, it is likely that we are eating pounds of toxins along with the food. So it’s important that we avoid vegetables and fruits that have been sprayed with pesticides and consume free-range/wild-caught animal products.

8) Toxins Make Fat Cells Bigger
Enlarged fat cells release more leptin and nasty compounds. It turns out that toxins cause fat cells to enlarge.

9) Blood Levels of POPs Are Linked with Belly Fat
Visceral fat is a preferred site for toxic compounds, it appears. If you have belly fat, you ought to minimize exposure to toxic compounds by eating organic local produce, filtering your water, and reducing exposure to household chemicals.


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