Look Younger As You Age: 45 Year Study Exposes Keys to Aging Better

by Mike Mutzel

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New data suggests the age of your face as well as your perception of aging predicts your inner, biologic age.




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Elliott, M. L. et al. Disparities in the pace of biological aging among midlife adults of the same chronological age have implications for future frailty risk and policy. Nat Aging 1, 295–308 (2021).

Key Takeaways:

00:00 The age of your face reflects your inner biologic age.

01:10 Negative thoughts of aging are linked with accelerated aging.

03:05 People who age faster, had significantly decreased cognitive function.

04:00 Will your future self approve of your habits of today?

04:43 Accelerated aging of your face reflects accelerated aging in your brain.

06:50 Disease states associated with acerated aging: High blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and loss of strength.

08:20 You can slow the aging of your face and body by changing your habits.

08:40 Reduce your feeding window.

09:30 Biologic aging impacts organs.

  1. Is it possible to get a copy of the study? I am not able to access the whole article.

    Thank you!

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