Muscle is Key to Burning Fat, Balancing Hormones w/ Guest Dr. Elly Michelle

by Mike Mutzel


Dr. Elly Michelle discusses how scaling back on the cardio, prioritizing weight lifting and healthier whole foods can improve hormonal health, fertility and body composition.



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Time Stamps

02:00 Dieting impacts hormones.

02:20 Under fueling and over training is a huge stress to metabolic function and all of the biochemical processes therein. Your stressed metabolism begins to conserve energy. Non-essential functions, like reproduction, are not fueled. This hypothalamic amenorrhea can impact menstruation, even causing menopausal levels of estrogen and low progesterone.

05:15 Low thyroid hormones may also be a result of chronic dieting and over exercising.

05:50 Women can develop facial hair and male pattern baldness as part of PCOS or hypothalamic amenorrhea.

07:48 Birth control pills suppress ovulation by shutting off the brain’s communication with the ovaries with the use of hormones.  It is a constant state of menopause, yet in an estrogen dominant state can occur.

09:48 Hormones are key your overall wellbeing and health.

11:50 You need energy and the right nutrients to work through hypothalamic amenorrhea.

12:20 Patients on plant-based or plant-forward diets are often low in nutrients essential for hormone function and detoxification.

14:15 B vitamins are important for fertility, hormones, detoxification, brain function and energy. They are often found to be low.

18:45 The best way to improve health is to focus on building muscle mass.

21:30 Women need to prioritize muscle, especially in the legs. You can’t build muscle if you are under eating.

23:30 Carbs are anti-stress. When you have muscle, you can better control glucose/insulin.

25:10 The days post training are repair and muscle building days. Training breaks down muscle. Dr. Elly fuels recovery days as well as training days.

30:45 A restrictive diet may not be beneficial for women dealing with thyroid issues, hormone issues, fatigue, digestive problems, low libido, or sleep disturbances. These problems may be the result of a chronic restrictive diet.

35:00 We should be focusing on body composition and not BMI.

36:40 You lose your fast twitch fibers in your muscles as you age. Fast twitch fibers are from weight training and explosive movements.

(2021). Neuroprotective effects of exercise on the aging human neuromuscular system. Experimental Gerontology, 152. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.exger.2021.111465
37:00 It is harder to build muscle as we get older.

37:30 If a woman over the age of 65 falls, there is a 50% chance that she will be able to walk again. Many falls are from weakness.

39:10 Estrogen is anabolic and protects your bones. Strength training will not do much for your bones if you are in a low estrogen/low hormonal state.

40:00 Oral contraceptives impede body composition change from strength training.

53:26 Elly created a Fueled and Feminine Metabolism Methodology. It focuses on strength training and creating stress buffers.

56:40 Breast implant illness is an inflammatory response with a wide variety of symptoms.  Silicone implant complications are often immune/inflammatory reactions. Saline implants have a valve and are not 100% airtight.


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