Joovv Light Therapy Testosterone Before and After

by Mike Mutzel

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About the Joovv:

Wes of Joovv discusses the science behind photobiomodulation light therapy; how it works and it's health benefits.

Believe me, I too was skeptical at first. “How can light possibly affect hormones?” I thought.

But visiting Ben Greenfield last February, I decided to give the Joovv a try.)

But, I tested my free and total testosterone levels just before we bought the device and roughly 70 days after 10 minutes of continuous, daily use. (I didn't change any other variables; the Joovv therapy more than doubled my testosterone.

My wife, at age 43, has different goals than I. She's interested in skin health (e.g. preventing loss of volume around the eyes, slowing wrinkles, etc…). To both here and my surprise, her skin looks much tighter and her patients comment daily–asking what new creams or products she's using–but she attributes the changes to light therapy.

Why Consider Light Therapy as a Wellness Strategy?:

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT, low-T (testosterone) and fertility clinics are seemingly popping up on every street corner in major cities nowadays, clearly there’s a demand and need to restore hormonal imbalances–either that our stress-filed lives and/or environment has created.

If you’re feeling sluggish, moody and lacking in the vitality department–but have your nutrition and sleep dialed in–consider adding adding light therapy to the mix.

There's likely a range of products on the market, but since we've experienced great results using the Joovv, we now have two devices and recommend it to friends, family and clients.

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The Joovv Go is a new unit that offers targeted support and is travel-friendly.

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➢Before and after blood work using the Joovv to raise testosterone:


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It’s true, @joovvsocial light therapy can increase your sex hormones 💪. (Believe me, I too was skeptical at first, but after visiting @bengreenfieldfitness last winter I decided to give it a try.) Much to my surprise, the therapy more than doubled my testosterone and has improved my sleep, recovery. Deanna’s @realfoodlab skin is glowing, people comment all the time. She loves it too. With HRT and fertility clinics seemingly popping up on every street corner nowadays, clearly there’s a need for photobiomodulation (PBM) to help restore the imbalances we’ve caused to ourselves. If you’re feeling sluggish from life, invest in a therapy that can really a difference! (If you decide to go with the Joovv, use coupon code HIH to save $$$.) P.S. Before freaking out about high lipids, know that this was a non-fasted test on purpose. I intentionally drank a bulletproof style coffee 45 mins prior to the blood draw. Triglycerides went from ~ 40 fasting to over 200 as you can see. Food for thought 🤷🏽‍♂️ #joovv #photobiomodulation #mitochondria #functionalmedicine #bodybuilding #muscle #fitness #postworkout #ketoish #keto

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  1. Another great interview, Mike! I’m curious what if any side effects or downside to this. You briefly talked about EMF but the level seems low enough. Anything else? Or, anyone who should NOT use this product?

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