Glutathione deficiency is Related to Vitamin D Status and Infection Severity

by Mike Mutzel


Glutathione deficiency is a common feature that complicates infections. We review new research linking suboptimal glutathione levels with increased disease severity and discuss how glutathione is related to vitamin D status as well as ways to support glutathione levels from a nutrition and lifestyle standpoint.




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Time Stamps:


0:06 Vitamin D and Glutathione levels appear to be related

0:42 Diseases linked with low glutathione levels

1:43 Glutathione is found in high concentrations in the liver

3:04 Mitochondria health depends on glutathione status

3:31 Exercise and Glutathione: very important for mitochondrial health

4:50 Fatty liver, mitochondrial dysfunction and glutathione

5:34 Fascinating paper about glutathione and Vitamin D you should read


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6:00 This image tells the story quite well

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8:46 New Electrolyte pre-sale

11:03 Glutathione and COVID-19

12:14 Low Glutathione even in young people who get infected

14:47 Glutathione impacts vitamin D binding and metabolism

17:42 Glutathione Testing: GGT and liver enzymes

18:33 GGT is a marker of environmental chemical exposure

19:46 Cysteine rich foods that can increase glutathione levels

Research Mentioned:

Polonikov, A. (2020). Endogenous Deficiency of Glutathione as the Most Likely Cause of Serious Manifestations and Death in COVID-19 Patients. ACS Infect Dis 6: 1558–1562 


Kumar, P., Osahon, O., Vides, D. B., Hanania, N., Minard, C. G., & Sekhar, R. V. (2022). Severe Glutathione Deficiency, Oxidative Stress and Oxidant Damage in Adults Hospitalized with COVID-19: Implications for GlyNAC (Glycine and N-Acetylcysteine) Supplementation. Antioxidants, 11(1), 50.


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Parsanathan, R., & Jain, S. K. (2019). Glutathione deficiency induces epigenetic alterations of vitamin D metabolism genes in the livers of high-fat diet-fed obese mice. Scientific Reports, 1–11.

  1. Thank you for all the valuable information and most of all your passion to educate us so we can stay ahead of the Curve!

  2. Super helpful’ Although I am an omnivore & get outside daily my levels have always been on the low side. Its great to know the supplementing is getting me somewhere good ,I can actually feel it as time goes on. I also like that there is a correlation proven of D & Glutathione levels. . One thing , I believe I’ve heard you on other podcasts say D3 is the best form of D . Is that so?
    Thank you !

  3. Very interesting on the GGT test in relation to glutathione, metals and chemical burden, overall oxidative stress, i.e. line items that one would have had to get via more-costly functional medicine tests. If you can actually get a good snapshot or summary in these *interrelated* areas with GGT, then the GGT test is a boon to people at large and their doctors. Physicians could push their go-to labs to include it in common panels and have it be covered by insurance — sounds like a gamechanger in the public health space akin to lipid panels and glucose testing, and you say they’re already teaching it in med school so why the disconnect? More info welcome on this, including reference range used, functional med reference range, and optimal-within-range. ……Also what do you think about MSM as a source of sulphur in relation to glutathione production? …..And any comments on sulphur producing gut bacteria in these connections?

  4. I have been taking my vitamins in the morning. Will try to change to the evening as you say. Always learn something new with your podcasts.

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