It’s Time to Promote Health: Exercise and Fitness Saves Lives, Says ER Physician

by Mike Mutzel





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03:20 Emergency medicine may not necessarily diagnose. It rules out life-threatening conditions.

08:05 Gyms were placed in the same COVID restriction category as restaurants.

08:53 California legislators and the governor were questioned about gym operations being dangerous, but no infection risk data was provided.

09:22 California Fitness Alliance researched infection rates during the brief opening. It was sent to the government, but no action was taken.

12:10 Exercise is a potent immune enhancer. Risk/benefit should have been weighed. There is always risk.

14:05 Working out at the gym helps build immunity to fight COVID. It gives the immune system the building blocks to be healthy and receive maximum protection from the vaccine.

14:35 You can’t just take a vaccine that it will protect you 100%. You have to do everything you can to support your immune system.

15:22 Exercise enhances the eradication of dysfunctional cells within the immune system.

16:27 The number one risk factor for severity in COVID is obesity. This was discovered early. Diabetes and smoking are risk factors are as well. Age is not as significant. Obese children, even as young as 2, have higher risk for more severe outcomes. The upward mechanical pressure on the lungs from obesity/metabolic syndrome. Poor insulin control and less physical activity are contributors.

22:53 The prevention message of health is not being given. Doctors are stretched thin. Giving a prescription is easier, faster and promotes customer satisfaction.

29:48 Epsom salts may have anti-inflammatory factors. If you wait before showering after an Epsom salts bath, you sweat out as a detox. It most likely decreases your overall inflammatory load.  The magnesium in Epsom salts relaxes your muscles and helps with recovery.

33:45 Get outside first thing in the morning and get some sun. The vitamin D sets your rhythm.  Waking to natural light helps you slowly wake up.

40:20 Patients with gut pain are common in the ER. This pain can often be prevented with diet and lifestyle.

41:40 Many of us resist ownership of our medical issues since we think of our medical problems as defining us; as something outside of ourselves.

43:40 Screening tests can lead to unnecessary invasive testing and procedures. PSA test is a screening test for prostate cancer. Many things can elevate the level, but you can end up being treated for prostate cancer. Most prostate cancer takes so long to progress that most men die with prostate cancer not from prostate cancer.

49:40 The Pfizer COVID vaccine has been shown to prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death. Data from Israel shows that the vaccine reduces transmission from person to person.

51:25 If you have vaccine side effects, it may be a sign that your immune system is being awakened and creating antibodies.

51:47 It is estimated that 5 x as many people had COVID as the number reported.

52:05 Antibodies last 6 to 8 months. If you test positive for antibodies, you could defer your shot. We need to do more antibody testing.

52:25 If you’ve had COVID, you may only need one dose of the vaccine to bring your titer level than those who never had COVID but had 2 shots.

55:15 What is the point of getting the vaccine if it does not change the things you can do or how you do them? Dr. Daignault wants optimism and hope.

58:20 A booster of the newer generation COVID vaccine may boost your titers against variants. The mRNA vaccines are more easily updated.

01:02:34 Dr. D. wishes that he had begun cooking for himself and having a wind down technique at night years ago. He could have taken more ownership of the food he consumes.

01:04:28 Dr. D’s public health elevator speech: Insurance companies need to incentivize exercise and fitness.

01:06:30 Why are leaders not talking about improving health?

01:07:31 Wellness checks are not reimbursed as highly as procedures. Some subspecialties make their money with intervention procedures.

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