Exercise is Better Than Fasting for Fat Loss, Blood Sugar & Longevity

by Mike Mutzel


We share science about the power of walking, how resistance exercise may be more powerful than fasting for supporting longevity and debunk myths around high-protein diets and cancer.



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Time Stamps:


00:00 Intro

0:20 Walking drops blood sugar

3:34 Exercise is medicine

5:14 Muscle is an organ

5:40 26 Conditions Exercise helps

6:43 Muscles release fat-burning signaling molecules

8:59 Dr. Peter Attia on muscle

9:39 Muscle loss is a disease

11:45 Lean Mass and all-cause mortality

13:54 Strong at 85

14:20 Lean mass and mortality risk

15:24 Exercise causes healthier food choices

16:54 Walking after meals

18:07 Muscle loss, fat gain and bone loss

20:00 Exercise and mood

20:56 HIIT training with minimal equipment

21:50 Exercise and C*19

20:30 Side effects of lockdowns

26:30 Exercise and immunity

29:28 Weight lifting enhances fat burning

30:00 Habitual exercise is best

30:53 Compound movements are best

32:00 Leg muscle training is essential

33:22 Resistance training programming

38:25 Resistance bands

39:15 Exercise and autophagy

41:34 Exercise is better than fasting

42:36 Chronic dieting is bad

43:30 Protein, IGF-1 and cancer

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