At Home Cold & Flu Survival Kit: Zinc, Iodine, Red-Light to Regain Smell and Taste

by Mike Mutzel


The cold seems to be circulating this time of year, here's a few highly underrated tools to consider for you and your family.




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Bioavailable Zinc by MYOXCIENCE:
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New Portable Red Light Therapy Device by BluBlox: this can be used to shine up your nose to help bring your olfactory bulb online

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Episode Time Stamps:

0:22 The cold is going around

1:13 Vitamin D and A are important, it’s tacitly implied you’re taking these nutrients

1:52 Iodine is helpful, for pre and post exposure prophylaxis

3:12 A liquid iodine solution that doesn’t stain

3:49 NeilMed nasal rinse is amazing, so many applications

5:15 Zinc, the olfactory bulb and loss of smell and taste

5:40 Loss of smell, taste and APOE4 genotype

6:49 Physiology of smell loss and infection

8:35 Great interview about cognitive decline and olfactory dysfunction w/ Lew Lim, PhD

10:00 Loss of smell: a warning of future cognitive decline?

10:58 Zinc and sense of smell study

12:18 Zinc Glycinate and Zinc Taste Test

13:35 How Zinc gets depleted with exercise and sauna therapy

14:37 Light Therapy and smell

15:23 Portable Red Light Therapy device

16:23 Intranasal red light applications

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Related:Olfactory Bulb and Cognitive Decline interview with Lew Lim, PhD


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  1. Hi Mike
    Where can I purchase the LEDlight wand that goes up the nose used in the research?
    Also can I please have the link for APOE4 link.

  2. This is so interesting. Nearly everyone at a festival I attended over NYE has come down with a “cold,” but I haven’t. I had been irrigating my nose prophylactically with salt & povidine iodine and gargling with cetylpyridinium chloride
    as well as taking supplements recommended by FLCCC. Funnily enough I also have this that I use for 5 minutes twice a day for my skin. I wonder if this could help my friends whose sense of smell has been effected (angled up nose)?

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