Antibody VS T Cell Immunity Science Deep Dive

by Mike Mutzel




In this podcast, we explore details about how T cells help create lasting immunity plus new ways to assess the immune memory of your own T cells if you’ve been exposed to SARS-CoV-2.

We also discuss the concept of immune “cross-reactivity,” which may be one reason why children and young adults often have mild cases of SARS-CoV-2: memory T cells appear to be able to recognize similar amino acid peptides shared with SARS-CoV-2 and seasonal coronaviruses.

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02:10 When you are exposed to a pathogen, your T-cells are upregulated first and cross-talk with antibody producing B cells. This is contingent upon your immune health.

04:04 44% of millennials (born between 1980 and 1992) have chronic medical conditions.

05:10 The health of your T-cells is a reflection of your biologic age. Lifestyle choices impact your biologic age.

05:46 Physical activity is an essential element of care during the COVID 19 pandemic. Exercise is a potent immune enhancer.

07:00 The lab,, can assess T-cell immunity to SARS COVI-2.

08:55 Your T-cells are more important than antibodies because they have longer lasting memory. Dependent upon the type of exposure, the half-life decay of T-cell memory is about 10 years.

11:50 A sedentary life of eating junk food and poor sleep is inflammatory and burns your body’s innate immune system.

12:53 Your adaptive immune system has memory. Your innate immune system is unrefined. It is all or nothing.

15:20 Even if you have had the immunization, you need healthy communication between your innate and adaptive immune systems.

15:25 Antibodies stop viruses outside of cells. T-cells stop viruses inside of cells. The adaptive immune response takes time to develop.

16:50 B-cells are the factories that make your antibodies.

19:07 Naive T-cells differentiate into memory T-cells, follicular T-cells, exhausted/senescent T-cells, affecter T-cells and more when they are exposed to a pathogen. As you age, you get a higher prevalence of senescent T-cells. This is reversible with diet and lifestyle.

20:10 T-cells are involved in cancer immunity and autoimmunity.

20:45 Senescent T-cells tend to accumulate with ageing, causing other T-cells to become more dysfunctional.

21:25 Regular exercisers of any age tend to have a lower percentage of senescent T-cells. Exercise purges your system of senescent T-cells and upregulates short-term and long-term affecter and memory T-cells.

23:23 Th 1 cells have direct anti-viral activities and facilitate tissue repair. Follicular T-cells, TFH, help B cells make antibodies.

25:36 Common cold viruses are often beta corona viruses and are associated with a less severe infection of COVID 19.

27:50 “Sometimes the immune response to a viral infection is more damaging than the viral infection itself.” This is from an over-exuberant immune system.

28:10 Metabolic flexibility appears to create immunologic flexibility and the ability to mount an early and robust response and quickly turn it off.

29:03 Viruses, like SARS COVI2 can disrupt tight junction proteins that link epithelial cells in your gut. They disrupt epithelial and endothelial barriers as a means to hijack your proteins for their own replication.

32:16 Gut bacteria cross-talk with the epithelial layer in your gut.

32:40 The PDM protein in SARS COVI2 has been shown to interact with your own tight junction proteins on epithelial cells, expediting viral infection.

35:45 Fasting and other senolytic activities, like exercise and sauna therapy, help purge senescent T-cells.

38:22 Immunizations preloads your immune system with new information. Your immune system kills the pathogens.

41:40 Heat therapy/thermal stress is helpful for both your innate and adaptive immune system.

44:10 After his bout of COVID-19, Mike noticed that his blood pressure and blood glucose was higher for about 5 weeks.

48:00 If you are eating a real food diet, you should be consuming adequate amounts of vitamin A.


  1. Hi Mike I listened to this on my hike today. So great. Thank you for caring and sharing your thoughts and information. Some info was a little over my head but I tried to keep up. Again love all your work. Victoria 🌻

  2. Great stuff Mike. I have been trying to find out the link between T-Cells and Antibodies as a “layman” so I can better explain to those around me. I shared this with a lot of people. Would antibodies be present if I had Tcell-immunity? So if I am exposed to SCV2 will the Tcells just kick it out or would antibodies be present? So can you be immune w/o antibodies?

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