Cardiovascular disease

Vitamin K2 Prevents Arterial Calcification: Must Know Science

by Mike Mutzel


Vitamin K2 is an essential fat soluble nutrient that's vital for health of your cardiovascular system, playing an important role in preventing arterial calcification, research shows.





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Time Stamps:

00:00 Vitamin K2 plays a role in preventing arterial calcification.

02:14 Long-term use of Warfarin, a vitamin K2 antagonist, increases calcification in the heart.

03:04 Matrix GLA proteins (MGP) are dependent upon K2 for activation.

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06:39 Triage Theory

07:49 Eat fermented foods, organ meats, and natto.

08:14 Vitamin K reduces the formation of hydroxyapatite in blood vessel smooth muscle cells.

08:44 Plants only make vitamin K1, which does not activate MGP.

11:29 Insufficient vitamin K2 intake can be from a diet of processed foods, and/or a diet without fermented foods, raw dairy, yogurt, liver, or meat-based products.

12:34 K2 supplement dose is between 45 mcg and 90 mcg (MK7 form preferred).

13:39 K2-dependent proteins are markers for various disease states.




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