This “Booster” Slashes Severe Disease & Death But It’s Still Ignored??

by Mike Mutzel


Exercise is a health booster that's been shownt slashe severe disease and death but It's still ignored



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Links to studies and videos mentioned:

Nieman, D. C., & Sakaguchi, C. A. (2022). Physical activity lowers the risk for acute respiratory infections: Time for recognition. Journal of Sport and Health Science, 1–25.

Episode Time Stamps:


00:280 Exercise is metabolically protective against severe respiratory infections.

01:58 There is a recent 5X increase in obesity in children.

03:18 There is a 45 to 75% relative risk reduction for severe disease specifically pertaining to COVID19.

04:53 High physical activity levels are associated with 43 to 46% fewer days with illness symptoms.

06:03 There is a 54% reduction in all-cause mortality, 50% reduction in cardiovascular disease, 40% reduction in cancer, 53% reduction in diabetes in people who exercise, compared with people who do not.

08:18 Meeting physical activity guidelines was associated with a 34 to 42% lower risk for severe outcomes compared to the physically inactive.

08:38 A 73 to 149% elevated risk for severe outcomes in those who are physically inactive compared to those who are physically active.

09:33 A 58 to 76% lower risk for severe outcomes and a 15% reduction in risk for testing positive for the virus, were observed in those who met moderate to vigorous physical activity guidelines.

10:18 Exercise makes vaccine interventions more effective.  

11:10 There was a 58% reduction in severe COVID19 outcomes in those who live the heathiest to least healthy lifestyle.

17:00 Less virus is carried by people who are physically fit.

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