Raw Kale Chip Recipe Using a Dehydrator

by Mike Mutzel




Unsweetened Coconut Milk
Sea Salt
Nutritional Yeast
Fresh Lemon
Apple cider Vinegar
Coconut aminos
Red Bell Pepper
Chick Pee meso
½ cup raw Cashews

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Step #1: Add Coconut Milk to Food Processor
(with S-Blade)
Step #2: Add Sea Salt and 1 Tbsp Apple cider Vinegar

Step #3: Add Coconut Aminos

Step #4: Squeeze ½ of a fresh lemon

Step #5: Add 1 Tbsp of Chickpea Miso

Step #6: Add Nutritional Yeast

Step #7: Add ½ cup Raw Cashews or Coconut Oil

Step #8: Massage dressing into kale chips using hands

Step #9: Let sit in marinade for 20 minutes

Step #10: Place on parchment paper and dehydrate or put in oven on lowest setting for 8 hours

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  1. Nice Recipe!
    Would love to sign up to receive Real Food Recipes and Brief Cooking Videos.

    The Podcast on Forest Walking is great!!
    Nice to see research, although I've know this and practiced this my entire life!!
    Spending time in Nature is awesome!!

    Thank you!!

    • Thank you, Martha!

      We'll put you on the list as well.

      Thanks so much for the feedback re: the podcast with Evan. I agree–science is nice but always have and always will hike! 🙂

  2. I'm also very interested in your real food all of your work, just sign me up for anything you put out there!!! Thanks for everything you do Mike!!!!

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