#206: Rupy Aujla, MD- The Doctor’s Kitchen Shares Healing Recipes

by Mike Mutzel


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Learn How to Make Dr. Rupy's Herb-Infused Malay Salad

About Rupy Aujla, MD

Dr Rupy is an UK-based National Health Service (NHS) doctor with a passion for showing his patients and colleagues the incredible health benefits of food. This e-short will highlight seasonal eating as we approach the summer.

Dr Rupy’s aim is to teach everybody the immense value of nutrition to combat some of the most common and preventable diseases. His book will take you on a journey of colour, flavour and cultures that makes healthy eating enjoyable and deliciously accessible to everyone.


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The Doctor's Kitchen: Supercharge your health with 100 delicious everyday recipes

Show Notes


01:20 Dr. Aujla’s Nutrition Journey: Shortly after graduating from medical school Dr. Aujla was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. There was no clear trigger. The only treatment option was ablation, burning part of his heart with a laser. His mother urged him to try lifestyle medicine. Over the next 7 or 8 months he began eating more dark green leafy vegetables, more fat, more fiber, and more whole carbohydrate sources. He worked on quality sleep. He did meditation. Unexpectedly, his atrial fibrillation episodes when from 2 to 3 times a week to 0. He began to learn more about nutrition passing this to his patients. He started a blog and a YouTube channel called The Doctor’s Kitchen.

06:13 The Impetus for His Recipes: Dr. Aujla was raised in London and his mom was a foodie. He grew up eating a huge variety of foods. This is reflected in the variety of recipes he presents.

07:11 Whole Turmeric Root: Turmeric contains hundreds of different curcuminoids and other plant chemicals.  It is near impossible to gather all the anti-inflammatory effect, for example, into a single pill. BCM-95 supplement does mixes the essential oils with the curcuminoids. Use whole ingredients as much as possible. Adding pepper to turmeric root increases the bioavailability of the curcuminoids. Dr. Aujla also uses a lot of coriander and fennel in his recipes.

09:44 Use Ghee: Dr. Aujla’s family makes their own whole ghee every week. It is super easy to make and easy to use. Ghee does not have a cardio compromising effect. It could be cardio protective.

11:11 Be Open Minded about Different Diets: No diet, including low carb, is for everyone. No diet is. Eat intuitively. Dr. Aujla does not subscribe to one particular diet.

12:40 Intermittent Fasting/Time Restricted Feeding: It is intuitive to eat within about a 10 hour window. Don’t eat too late and don’t eat too early. Your blood sugar will be more stable and you will be more likely to control your insulin spikes. Historically, our eating window corresponded to daylight. When people who live traditionally take on a western diet and lifestyle, becoming diabetic is a common occurrence, with or without obesity.

15:56 Training Healthcare Professionals: It is Dr. Aujla’s long term goal for health care professionals to have access to a community kitchen, which can provide evidence-based credible advice about healthy eating. To start this, healthcare professionals need to be educated. Dr. Aujla is hoping to start course, accredited by the Royal College of GPs, to teach doctor’s nutrition AND teach them how to cook in a culinary school environment.

18:10 Future of Healthcare: The future of our healthcare depends upon education and accessibility of food. Restauranteurs and chefs will shape our public health environment.  People need to be educated about the importance of food in medicine. Look at your plate as a positive health intervention.

19:27 Dr. Aujla’s Favorite Desert Island Food: His choice is purple sprouting broccoli. It is found in the UK and is one of the most phytonutrient dense crucifers. It contains sulforaphane, anthocyanins, other disease fighting chemicals, and lots of vitamins, including vitamin C. It is versatile and tastes great.

20:46 Dr. Aujla’s Top Exercise: Squat jumps get your heartrate up and fires on all muscle types. They can be done anywhere. You don’t need weights and it is versatile.

21:15 Dr. Aujla’s Morning Routine: First thing in the morning, he drinks water. He does a 25 to 30 minute HIIT session, yoga or flow. He has a high protein/high fat breakfast with fiber. Then he meditates for 10 to 15 minutes. He feels tired if he doesn’t exercise in the morning.

23:11 Dr. Aujla’s Elevator Pitch: Phytonutrient density is key. Make sure people have colors and herbs on their plates.

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