Quick Keto Carnivore-ish Dessert Recipe That Anyone Can Make

by Mike Mutzel

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Mix ½ cup of raw cream or coconut milk in your mixer

Optional: add 1-2 tsp of Monk Fruit or honey

Protein/Collagen: add 1-2 scoops of MYOXCIENCE Whey concentrate with or without MCT Powder

*Whey concentrates have immunoglobulins and make better desserts

Make Your Own Collagen Gummies

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SUGAR FREE OPTIMIZED GUMMIES🐛 These gummies have the best jelly texture and are full of the following ingredients: BCAAS & Aminos (Supporting protein synthesis!), Collagen Peptides (Supports Hair, skin, nails, ligaments, bones, joints), myo-Inositol (helps to reduce insulin resistance (IR), Taurine (supports cardiovascular health & insulin resistance) , GABA (supports bodies natural Growth Hormone), L-Theanine (stress reduction, relaxation). I’ll often break my fast by eating a few of these! Makes me feel like a kid again and they’re so fun! Kid approved too 🤷🏼‍♀️ Tools: You will need a silicon gummy worms mold (or any mold shapes of choice!) – you can buy these on Amazon. INGREDIENTS: due to popular demand for these gummies, we now have a bundle available on the Myoxcience Website- The Optimized Gummy Bundle – 50% off selected products!! Http:// NOTE: this recipe is for cherry flavor. If you prefer lemon 🍋 gummies, use the unflavored Myorelax & Calm, the Lemon Optimized BCAAS & Aminos and 1 tsp fresh lemon zest !! Ingredients 2 scoops Optimized Collagen Peptides 2 scoops Cherry Optimized BCAAS & Aminos 4 scoops Cherry/unflavored Myorelax & Calm 4 tbsp Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin 2 cups filtered water 1 tsp Lakanto liquid monk fruit sweetener @lakanto (RFLowcarb: 20% Off) Pinch sea salt Bloom your gelatin first: Mix your Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin with 1/3 cup of your unfiltered water. Set aside. Place your remaining water, monk fruit sweetener & salt in a small pan and set heat on medium, mixing all ingredients together. When your water is warm, reduce your heat to low and add your gelatin mixture to the pan. Stir it with a fork, making sure to mix all of gelatin clumps. Now mix in your remaining ingredients, using your fork to whisk them together. Remove from heat. Place your silicon gummy mold on a small cutting board. Carefully use a large dropper or spoon to scoop your warm liquid into the molds. Macros (approx 20 gummies: 9 calories, C: 0g P: 2.3g F: 0g Set your mold into the fridge. Let your gummy worms firm over an hour or two! 💕💥🤪 #collagen #keto #sugarfree #protein #healthygummies #hairskinnails #kidapproved #keto

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