Fat Loss

How I Put on 4 lbs of Muscle and Dropped 1% Body Fat in 45 Days

by Mike Mutzel

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Everyone has a different approach to training and nutrition, here's a few tweaks I recently made that helped me shed some of that quarantine weight.




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00:30 Mike was able to put on 4.2 pounds of lean muscle and lose an entire percentage point of bodyfat.

02:20 The intensity of the exercise must be present to put on muscle and burn fat.

03:05 Use watts or RPE (relative perceived exertion) to assess intensity. RPE is more subjective. You should be between a 6 and 8.

03:50 You need intensity to the muscle to get adaptations that will help you burn fat.

04:41 Resistance training intensity is easier to measure.

05:30 Frequency: You need to hit a muscle group multiple times per week, with 72 hrs rest in between.

06:35 A trainer or certified strength and conditioning specialist can help you with periodization.

07:00 80% of post meal glucose gets deposited in your muscle.

07:50 Legs: Focus on compound/multi joint movements.

09:25 Early time restricted feeding: Mike eats between 10 am and 7 pm.

09:50 Eat at the same time every day. Exercise at the same time every day.

11:45 Consistent walking throughout the day lead to an increase in fat loss.

12:40 After dinner walks make a difference.


  1. The audio and the YouTube only went to 14:45
    I was interested in the remaining 5 minutes.
    For example
    20:05 Asthma: Leg muscle mass is inversely correlated with asthma symptoms in women, but not muscle mass in the upper body. Asthma is linked with muscle and metabolic health.

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